Impeachment is the legal means of removing the President of the United States from office. A President cannot be impeached simply because he is unpopular, he can only be impeached if he is guilty of a crime that he commits while he is in office. Certainly, President Obama should be impeached because of his role in the murder of an American citizen named Anwar Al-Awlaki. First, let's get into a little background on Mr. Al-Awlaki. Newspaper photographs of him show him wearing Arab dress, and so he appears to an Arab, from some middle east country. Al-Awlaki was actually born in New Mexico in 1971,which means he is an American citizen who is entitled to all the rights that an American is entitled to, including the right to a trial by jury.

Mr.Al-Awlaki had associated himself with Islamic terrorists and he had earned a reputation for being one of the protaginists in the jihad...the holy war against infidels. Despite this unfortuate association, he would still be endowed with all the rights of an American citizen. If he were captured by the U.S. military, he would, presumably, have rights under the Geneva Conventions. Mr.Al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen by the American military on September 30,2011. President Obama seemed to bask in glory of this murder, and afterwards, Obama gave a speech praising the US military for killing Mr.Al-Awlaki. The October 8,2011 issue of the New York Times had a story that said the Obama administration had written a memo a year before Al-Awlaki was killed, and this memo was basically Obama's order to kill Al-Awlaki. So, Al-Awlaki was never formally charged with a crime, he was never arrested and put on trial for any criminal act, and he was never convicted of a crime, yet he was brutally murdered by the US military. He was killed with a remote-controlled drone, controlled by the US miltiary, and using a drone to kill someone does not give the targeted person a chance to raise his hands and surrender. Certainly, President Obama deserves to be impeached for this crime. Obama is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder,(the murder of Anwar Al-Awlaki) and that is sufficient cause for impeachment.