Today sunday nov 6th marks exactly one year until election day, and things are looking grim for president Barrack Obama.  If he wins it will only be the second time that a president with such a low approval rating has done so.  Right now his approval is floating around the 40 mark.  President Nixon who was right at 49 percent was the only one who ever bounced back to win the election. Luckily for Obama he has the money to fund a good campaign he has accumulated 150 million dollars.  When looking at candidate to candidate polling Obama has beaten or tied every GOP candidate.  The only one to tie him was Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney tied with Mr. Obama.  

However, it is still to close to call or even guess what strategy each candidate will employ.  There are so many factors that make up the overall conclusion of the election.  The mood of the country, opponents, money, message, and even the weather in key demographic areas play a part.  When looking at if a president will win or lose it is impossible to tell the future, but the approval rating has always been a good thermometer. There is a direct correlation between high approval rating and election. Also, low approval rating almost always spells defeat for presidents in this situation.

But do not discount the fact that Obama could very well win. One such scenario is if there is a strong third party candidate that can siphon off enough votes from the opposition. Obama would win if his supporters where more loyal to him than his opposition.  Also, never discount the possibility of a scandal. There is nothing like someones dirty laundry raising so much of a stink to dry up the polls.  

Many people are ready for a change nearly 60 percent of those polled are. Will Obama be able to rally his supporters in the final quarter? Will a new change and a new hope come in to save america?  Will this change in diversity usher in a woman for the first time in american history? With all these unknowns the stage is certainly set for an interesting election year, and hopefully despite who wins the election america will be better off than it is now.