It is a fact that over 66% of the population in America is obese.  These numbers are extremely high.  The people who are to blame is the consumers, however the advertisers are not helping. 

You wouldn't want to give your children poison and allow them to drink it, would you?  Well, technically by allowing them to eat twinkies, Burger King and sugar cookies you are doing just that.  This food isn't meant to be consumed in the massive amount that many people consume it.  It is okay to have a cookie once in a while but eating them every day can be too much.

Fast food is a quick and easy meal for many families as they are always on the go.  The truth about fast food is scary.  A Happy Meal at McDonald's is the amount of food that the average adult should be consuming during a meal.  What McDonald's calls an adult meal which consists of a burger, fries and a soda is enough calories for an entire family.  Stay at home where you can eat healthier and a larger portion for less calories.

Advertisers lead children to believe that eating junk food is fun.  With all of the Disney characters posted on fruit snacks, cookie boxes and candy bars, of course kids are going to want to pick out that type of food at the store.  It is a shame that the children’s favorite characters can’t be labeled on a bag of oranges.

One of the reasons why America is so obese is because of the fact that the healthy food is so expensive.  If you go into a grocery store with a dollar you may be able to buy a small bag of chips and a candy buy.  Chances are you won't be able to walk out with something healthy from the produce.  Normally a container of cut up fresh fruit will cost $3-$5 while an average bag of chips cost around $3.  Which of these two sound more appetizing to you?  There are some people who would prefer the fruit, but many would choose the chips just because it is more convenient and it costs less.  Simply making the healthy food cheaper, would help reduce obesity in America. 

Years ago when one went to a gas station, you could only purchase gasoline.  The same was true for various other stores.  These days you can find cookies and pastries in book stores and candy bars and bags of chips in hardware stores.  This is yet another reason why Americans are so obese.  There are simply way too many places that offer food for sale.

Help cut down obesity in America by suggesting healthy snacks to your kids.  It is helpful to stock up on healthy food in your pantry so you have something healthy to snack on when you are hungry.  It is also great to offer guests at your house something healthy.  Lets work together to help lower the percentage of obesity in America.