The Western world is facing an obesity epidemic; countries such as the United States and England are the prime examples. As a society we have allowed our kid’s play time to move from the backyard to the living room, the basketball replaced with a video game controller. Our food no longer eaten with the family in the dining room, but rather in the car, on the go, bought from some greasy fast food restaurant.

School Lunch & Prison Foods

Even those parents that do care about their youngster’s diets are sending their kids to school where during lunch, a horror of high sugar and high fat foods containing little nutrients, is unleashed onto them. What many American parents do not realize are that the foods their children are being served at lunch is the same food that prisoners are being served, provided by the same companies (If you are having trouble believing this, look up a company called Aramark).


Keys To Weight Loss & Better Achievements

A healthy mind cannot develop if it is being powered by unhealthy food. The only thing developing in these kids will be a cholesterol problem, and a new appreciation for socks with stretchy tops, to accommodate their swollen ankles. Several school around the United States have set up programs that switch their lunch food to healthier alternatives, based on fresh produce and avoiding the long list of chemical fillers and preservatives that a customary school lunch is filled with.

Amazing things happen at these schools! The pupils start losing weight, carrying their new found healthier eating habits back home. Their standardized testing scores rise, after being provided with the proper nutrition to facilitate learning. One high profile experiment of this nature was performed, on national television, by English chef Jamie Oliver. In his program “Food Revolution” he went to both British andAmericanHigh Schoolsand showed the lunch staffs how to create a proper meal without resorting to using the microwave, while keeping the cost of the food at effectively the same level as before.

As a parent, you should take time to contact your school and make sure the food that is being served to YOUR kids is something better than the frozen, processed, chemically preserved “food (and I use this term loosely) that has been deemed good enough for incarcerated felons. Remember that it is your taxes paying for this food, so you might as well get as much value for your money as possible. Even if you don’t have kids and feel as if this does not concern you, please remember that one day these kids will grow up to become adults. These adults will be the ones filing job applications in your company, perhaps even the politicians in charge of your healthcare and your retirement. They are the future, and unless we set them on the right course, even with something as simple as feeding them the correct food the future will look bleak. Also, please keep in mind that even though you might not have kids, your taxes are still being used for schooling and education, so you have every right to make demands.