The Canadian government is letting more 25,000 people die each year. Nothing has been done to spare there lives. Absolutely nothing. These people aren't dying of something we can't prevent; in fact it is the number one preventable cause of death worldwide, recently surpassing smoking, and has grown above vehicle accidents! Authorities aren't noticing how increasing the numbers of deaths are caused by it! Most countries around the world have already placed laws to prevent it, yet Canada has struggled to even warn most of the population. Our country needs to do more, and fast. They have sent the message about the effects of smoking, and are constantly informing the country about it too. Why won't they do the same for the something that kills even more people than it!? Citizens depend on their government to educate and warn them of these problems!

As I was searching for information on how many people die each year because of it, an internet user stated," Not many at all! Canada doesn't have this problem! It's America that does!" Yes, the USA does also have this growing issue, however Canada unfortunately has to deal with it also, and in some regards to a greater extent!

Ladies and Gents, 60% of our country's population is fat, and obesely so.

Obesity is an issue rapidly amplifying globally and the Canadian government needs to do more. Many people may confuse overweight with obese, obese is a BMI higher than 30, while over weight is between 25-29.9. It means its extra scary when you discover that people are becoming obese, which is way worse than being overweight.

Our population will become unhealthy. There will be more of a strain on the health care system, which is already overburdened. Wait times at hospitals will heighten dramatically with increased amount of people having health difficulties and at risk of having a medical emergency (ex. heart attacks and strokes), hospitals will become overcrowded. Obesity is very fatal. Not only is it almost guaranteed to give you osteoarthritis, it shortens your life expectancy, increases likelihood of cancer, asthma, sleeping apnea, psychiatric illness, diabetes, cardio vascular disease and so many more. Obese people are pretty much guaranteed to be afflicted with one of these. Have you ever even seen a healthy obese person? Also, obese people have a greater chance of getting sick than the healthy public, resulting in not being able to work, leading to poverty, and a bigger strain on the rest of society.

Canada will have higher poverty rates because more people will be sick, resulting in less people working and also less people being able to get outside of there house. Therefore Canadian health care will lessen in quality because we won't be able to afford to pay for it. If are country commences to become poor health of the public will worsen quickly and dramatically.

It is also completely unjust for the regular public to be paying taxes to support these obese people. Especially when the government should be doing more to prevent obesity. If the government is not helping us it is not fair that we are paying for them to when nothing is being done!

After all Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, has all passed laws some kind of law banning trans fat, eliminating all commercials for food containing trans fat or processed food aired in between a children's program or on a children's channel, ceasing unhealthy foods in schools, and other fantastic things to aid this problem. China has introduced "fat farms" where overweight and obese children go for reinforced exercise . They have also passed a law declaring all children must get an hour of physical activity everyday at school. Now it's time for Canada to make a move towards a more healthy population.