Obesity does not seem such a big problem when you are living in a big city in developed countries.

After all, nearly a third of the people you see everyday are obese.

You do not feel as if obesity is a killer. You can still enjoy life, and work hard to earn money to support your family.

That does not mean that obesity is not a killer. Obesity is a killer. It is a slow and steady killer.

Obesity does not cause problems directly. You do not see the cause of death in death certificates as Obesity.

However, obesity does lead to many chronic problems and serious health problems that can kill you.

What are some of the complications of obesity?

1. Stones

You will notice a relationship between obesity and gall stones or kidney stones.

This is an irritating problem even though it is seldom fatal.

You feel the pain when the stones get too big. The problem with stones is in its recurring nature. As long as you continue the present lifestyle, you will suffer from the pain of kidney stones and gall stones.

2. Cancer

Obesity increases the risk of certain cancers.

Men and women who are obese are at higher risk of breast cancer. Even though breast cancer is commonly known as a woman's disease, man can get male breast cancer as well.

The risk factors are the same for both men and women.

Obesity is one of the risk factors.

There are other cancers that affect obese persons more than slimmer persons.

3. High blood pressure

Obesity leads to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure leads to stroke. That does not mean that thin persons do not get high blood pressure. The problem is that obesity increases the chance of getting high blood pressure.

4. Sleep problem

Obese people find it hard to enjoy deep sleep.

The excessive fats affect the breathing during sleep. That is why their sleep are often shallow and restless.

5. Knee problems

The excess weight put a strain on the knee and hip joints.

You will feel the stress when you go down the stairs. If you find that walking for half an hour causes great pain in the knee joint, you can use the stationary bike to exercise. That will reduce the stress on the knee joints, and you can lose weight when you exercise enough.

6. Diabetes

Diabetes is partly the result of obesity.

Diabetes is a chronic problem that disrupts your life. When you need insulin injection every day, you will find that life is no longer so enjoyable.

It is best to lose weight and regain your health before you suffer from the consequences of diabetes.

The happy news is that weight loss often reduces the chance of getting the chronic problems listed above. It is not hard to lose some weight.

You can aim for a few pounds weight loss per month.

You can buy enough meal replacement bars and shakes for a few months to aid in weight loss.

Even if you are still overweight after a year of effort, the health benefits will encourage you to sustain the effort.

There is a whole world of difference between overweight and obesity. Health is a precious gift that you cannot afford to lose. No amount of money can buy back your health if you lose it.

Obesity is a slow killer. You are going to suffer lots of pain before you die from its complication. Do make lifestyle changes. Do learn to life an active lifestyle, and enjoy the surge of energy that comes from the changes.

You will never regret the lifestyle changes when you experience the health benefits.