Oblivion Skyrim is the phrase I use to refer to both video games simultaneously. For those unaware of these games, I am specifically referring to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim respectively. Recently, the newest installment Skyrim was released, to critical acclaim as was expected. After ~30 hours with the game already myself (and more coming along daily!), I have the hard decision of determining which game is better. I am going to focus in on a few key points with regards to these video games, and at the end of this article I will declare a winner!


As one would expect, Skyrim has more updated graphics in comparison to Oblivion. This is especially noticed in the weather effects, the character and item models, among some other key points. Overall, though, I would not say the graphics in Skyrim are too far ahead of Oblivion's graphics. Oblivion is still a highly playable game despite the now dated graphics.


Without a doubt, the gameplay in Skyrim surpasses Oblivion in many ways. The fighting is much more fluid, and while it still has some flaws, it is much improved since Oblivion. Interacting with other individuals in Skyrim is also more interesting, though it is undeniably the world of a game and not a living, breathing world as we would have liked. On the whole, the interactions in Skyrim and Oblivion feel fairly similar; though Skyrim has a slight upperhand in this department. The biggest difference between these games in terms of your character comes in the ability to dual wield weapons, spells, and so forth. This makes the game highly customizable and every fight can be a relatively new experience.


The story line of Oblivion Skyrim are very much on par with one another. I myself heavily enjoyed the story telling in Oblivion, despite it's few flaws. The story in Skyrim is very good as well, so I cannot bash it on this level. These games are truly great at telling stories, and many of them as well! I very much enjoy the Dark Brotherhood plot lines as well, in both games! There is just so much to do and so many ways to be immersed into the world. Both are worthwhile experiences.


The music in Oblivion Skyrim is spot on. I absolutely love the music in both games. I have no complaints in either, aside from the fact that I wish their was more!


Overall, I would say Skyrim is a superior game; but chalk that up to time! Both Oblivion and Skyrim are worth playing without a doubt!

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