The biggest obstacles to wealth are in your mind. They are the roadblocks you built up in your own head over the years... I was listening to this free audio report by Adam Khoo, a successful millionaire... about wealth creation and one of the exercises he had us do was to write down the main reasons why we are not rich yet.


The reasons I came up with were these:


1. Upbringing. I wasn't born into a very rich family and the example my parents set for me did not in my opinion encourage wealth creation at an early age.


2. Confidence. I believe I was lacking the amount of confidence necessary to create real wealth at an early age. This is something we all can and should develop if we want financial success.


3. Limiting beliefs. This relates closely to reason number 1 and 2 and is about all the thoughts and  beliefs I have about money. These probably came from my environment growing up. School, family, friends, none of these really helped me get rich. I didn't know many rich people if any during my life so that might have caused me to limit myself too.


4. Lack of action. I haven't taken enough action on my goal to get rich in the past. Action is crucial to reaching any dream or any goal. Lately, I've  been taking massive action on this dream of mine and you should too.


5. Sticking to one business model and seeing it through to the end. This is something we could all benefit from. If you want real wealth, I'm talking about massive wealth, you'll probably have to build your own business. And if you want your own business to really succeed, you're going to have to stick to 1 business model at first and expand into other areas later. What a lot of us do especially new internet marketers is we jump from one opportunity to the next and never get any real work done. That's why it's so important to find a proven business strategy and stick to it until it succeeds in a big way or until it fails. If it succeeds, great, if it doesn't, it's time to pick up the pieces and move on.


6. Fear. Need I say more?


7. Guidance. I really believe that it's super important to have the right guidance or mentor if you ever want to succeed in business. You need a game plan and what better way to develop a winning game plan than to base it on someone who has already been there done that. This is called modeling other peoples successes and is really important.


8. Visualization. I found out about the law of attraction and the power of visualization but I haven't even really implemented it into my life until very recently... It can be a determining factor in your path to making real money.


Now, what I believe is important to note, is that all of these things that I just listed are just excuses I've created for myself. The truth is unless you do the things you need to do to get rich, you won't ever get there.


So getting rich ultimately is super simple. It boils down to figuring out what steps you need to take to get rich... and then, take those steps! one at a time and you'll make it there. The tough part honestly is learning everything there is to know about how to get rich... but once you have a model, or the right game plan to put into action, the rest is a walk in the park.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good luck!

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