Slipping on a wet pavement may be a funny scenario to watch, but it definitely hurts afterwards. In fact, many slip and fall victims become paralyzed, or suffer head and neck injuries after such accidents. Fortunately, a slip and fall accident victim can obtain compensation for his damages given the following circumstances:

  • The accident happened in an establishment, property or area owned by an individual.
  • The owner of the establishment or property has a duty to keep you safe.
  • The owner failed to carry out his responsibilities to protect you.
  • That failure caused an accident, which in turn resulted to your slip and fall injuries.

If your situation does not fit the very first point, you have no right to ask for a claim. For instance, you were walking on the street when you tripped because of your untied shoelaces. This is not a valid reason to file a complaint. However, if all the points provided above are applicable to your situation, then you have a case.

Before proceeding with the compensation claim, you should first get legal help from a personal injury lawyer, preferably someone who resides in your area. If you live in Los Angeles, you should hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to handle your claim. Here are some of the things you need to do in order to obtain compensatory damages from the establishment owner:

  • Prove that the owner's property has a dangerous area.
  • Make sure you were not negligent when the accident happened.
  • Provide evidence that the hazardous element or object in the area was not fixed by the owner or an employee.

If you are able to prove the following arguments, you would have greater chances of winning your case and receiving compensation for your costs. Here are some of the benefits you may obtain from the responsible party:

  • Lost wages in case you were injured for a while
  • Legal fees for your litigation costs
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses

Like any other type of accident, slip and falls result to expenses and injuries. If you have become a victim of a dangerous area or premises, just seek the help of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to pursue the liable individuals. The next time you see a slip and fall scene, you would not be able to laugh anymore because you know how it feels to be in that kind of situation.