Getting into an accident is a terrifying experience. But the situation gets even worse if the driver at fault does not have insurance for his vehicle. If you got yourself involved in this kind of situation, what would you do?

Obtaining compensation from an uninsured driver is not that difficult. However, it is a bit harder than recovering reimbursement from an insured motorist. Here are reminders and tips if you want to obtain your damages from the uninsured motorist:

  • Exchange personal and insurance details with the driver. Exchanging personal and insurance information with the other driver is an important step to identify if he is insured or not. Make sure you also record information such as name, address, company, and contact details.
  • Search for witnesses to testify against the other motorist. Witnesses are crucial in any accident. They would be the one to confirm whether a driver was responsible for the accident or not.
  • Seek medical help if necessary. If you sustained an injury or wound, you should let it be treated right away. You can ask the police, friend, or a relative to exchange information with the other motorist.
  • Conduct repairs of your vehicle. Take the vehicle to a repair shop. Once it has been repaired, estimate your costs and add it to your medical expenses. The total cost would be the amount of compensation you deserve to recover from the uninsured driver.
  • Report the incident to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV makes sure that every driver and vehicle is insured. It also handles the issuance and suspension of some important driving and vehicle documents.

Once you report the accident, the DMV would conduct an investigation on the uninsured driver. If it confirms that the liable driver or the vehicle was not insured, it may suspend his driver's license, unless he proves that he was not at fault in the accident.

As the compromised party, your primary goal is to obtain compensation from the uninsured motorist. However, you will need legal help in gathering evidence against him. If you are not able to present enough proof, your complaint might be dismissed.

Insurance is a necessity for every car owner and driver. If a motorist failed to purchase an insurance policy, and he got into an accident, he would face the legal consequences. To know more about uninsured motorist claims, you can consult a Los Angeles accident attorney.