The key element for the success or failure of your attendance to a trade show exhibit is the specific display you put up. You may just lay down some pamphlets on a flat table because it is not costly and it is easy to transport but it does very little in getting the attention and positive response of trade show goers. When you are in trade show exhibits, you are presenting the physical face of your whole business at the trade show so it is a must to put a good and attention-catching face on the display. After all, the entire point of going to a trade show is to make a good impression on people who are in the industry. If you have a cheap looking booth they will most likely think you are a cheap company and won't want to do business with you.

A custom-built display module has the highest potential in creating positive brand recognition. By custom creating the display of your trade show, you already care to be in total control of what should be displayed and how it should be presented to potential clients or customers. Usually, a custom-built display is the most expensive kind but think of the positive impact it can bring to your marketing venture which without a doubt can offset the high cost.

Although still quite expensive, there are methods that cost less but still allow you to obtain a greatly effective trade show exhibit display. Custom modular units can be inventively mixed together so that your display attains a unique look and appeal without the cost of custom design work. The great part of modular display units is that the contrasting parts can be recombined into different appearances for succeeding trade show exhibits as your needs change. There are also many locations for the selection of these same units in a pre-owned condition. There are display retailers who offer rental of modular display elements in case you do not want to purchase one.

There are also convenient options on hand if needed during trade show displays. These displays can be obtained in different sizes which may range from a full booth-sized foldable framework display to small table-sized models that can be folded up to the size of a briefcase. In doing a careful and creative selection of the display that you want to use, you will be able to establish the power and reputation of your company and its image to the target audience of the trade show you are in.