What factors influence the plant's remedial effects? The common interpretation that the healing action of a plant is determined by the substances contained within it is not entirely sufficient. That is why I turned to ancient and occult texts.

At the basis of any plant lies a seed that with time grows into a certain plant, which suggests that there must be a programme of its development that determines the growth and formation of that plant. It is this programme that makes the plant to bear fruit, and supports its observable life functions. In this case, it is important to understand the transformations of a seed brought about by the invisible energy-forming source which makes the atoms and molecules from the earth and air to combine in a specific succession to form a particular plant. The Power behind the pant's formation and life support maybe considered as even more important than the plant itself, which we are able to see and touch. To put this differently, there is not only the physical form of a plant that we are accustomed to seeing, such as the roots, the stem and the leaves, but also the immaterial form within which the life and development of a plant is enclosed.

Occult BotanyThe immaterial form of a plant or rather its 'consciousness' has a complex structure. The plant's seed is as a soul waiting to be 'born'. The programme of development is believed to consist of the following: 1) the 'holographic sketch' of a plant; 2) the 'holographic control model' of a plant's vital functions; 3) the 'surrounding energy transformation mechanism'.

The 'Holographic Sketch' of the plant regulates the space the plant will take up, the form it will take, what 'organs' the plant will have and where these will be situated. The 'Holographic Control model' starts up all vital life processes and, additionally, guides their mutual coordination.

The combined work of the above mentioned mechanisms allows the formation of a plant's energy body. This happens as follows: the mechanism responsible for transforming the surrounding energies detects and condenses these surrounding outside energies. The 'Holographic control model', in turn, sorts out and arranges these energies in such a way as to enable them to perform the essential functions within a plant.

What do these condensed energies represent?

1) Space. A plant takes up a certain amount of space as it grows.

2) Time. Any plant exists for a limited amount of time.

3) Gravitational energy. The plant's physical, material components are bound one another by the gravitational energy. Without this energy the plant will fall apart to individual components.

4) Movement. A mass of various shifts takes place inside a plant such as minerals travelling up a root toward the stem and the leaves above ground.

5) Variety of Electromagnetic energy –electrical, magnetic, thermal and light energies are present in a living plant, due to which enzymatic activity is made possible.

Ancient Eastern physicians referred to the condensed energies within a plant as a "first main element". In a human organism such energies are said to exist as well, which is why in ancient times depending on what energies were decreasing or maybe increasing you were prescribed a herbal remedy to compensate for such changes and keep internal balance. It is important to understand that the anti-matter of a plant forms special energy structures to which the material components become integrated. At the level of a quantum field the integration of the matter and energy takes place, thus making the matter possess the properties alike to the energies of a plant. It is these processes that give a plant its medicinal and remedial effects.

In conclusion, when we use herbal remedies to treat various ailments – forms of energy imbalance – we intake the energies hidden inside the plants, which in turn works to balance out our own internal energies. This is how the strengthening, stimulation and improvement of our health takes place. Or at least this is an occult botany view of things...