Occupational health nursing jobs are great careers for many reasons. The nursing field continues to be a great choice and due to the shortage of nurses in America, more and more nurse positions are becoming highly specialized. One such position is in the field of occupational health. Occupational health nursing jobs are extremely critical to business and the economy. By maintaining healthy employees, a business can save money on medical expense and ensure a fluid work schedule is maintained at all times. Occupational health nursing jobs can be very lucrative and can keep a nurse in tune to the business world at the same time. Many nurses who have become disenfranchised with hospital care are turning to the world of occupational health.

Occupational health nursing jobs start very similarly to any other nursing career. Either an LPN, RN or BSN in nursing is achieved and any certification exams are completed. Once a career in occupational health is chosen, the nurse will likely be trained in highly industry specific potential health hazards. Occupational health nursing is often called industrial nursing and this is appropriate. Some of the largest employers are those in the manufacturing industry. Many of these companies use highly toxic and dangerous chemicals and substances in their facilities. No amount of standardized nursing school training is going to prepare a nurse for what potential hazards lie in wait in big industry. This is why it is extremely important that companies do provide proper site specific training from day one. Imagine a nurse in a regular hospital setting and the number of times they see certain events. For instance, a patient with a carbolic acid burn may only present for treatment once a year. Many industries might have a person get a carbolic acid burn weekly. It is important that the occupational nurse be prepared for such injuries that may be uncommon in the real world, but highly probable in the industrial world.

Occupational Health Nursing JobsIn addition to treating such serious injuries, an occupational nurse will work hand in hand with management to insure general employee health, awareness, and preventative programs to keep things running smoothly. An industrial nurse may help arrange smoking cessation programs, weight loss initiatives, diabetes awareness programs and general fitness activities. The best nursing staff realizes the ideal way to treat injury and illnesses are BEFORE they happen. A solid background in all areas of healthcare is highly advantageous to anyone seeking an occupational health nursing job.

Growth for occupational health nursing jobs is predicted to outpace even the need for nurses in a hospital setting. The Department of Labor also shows that nurses in the employment service fields make more money than nurses in other settings. Besides the higher wages, many industrial nurses like the chance to work with an employer and their employees over an extended time. Many workers might be with a single company for a decade or more. This allows a nurse the opportunity to introduce many positive health changes to that employee's lifestyle and make positive changes to the entire company health culture. As worker health improves and factory related injuries decrease, an occupational health nurse can feel wonderful knowing that many of the improvements were a direct result of their work.

For any nursing student or current nurse looking for an exciting career change, occupational health nursing jobs may await. Occupational health nursing jobs offer great wages in a calm and professional work environment. An occupational nurse has the ability to not just treat but also prevent injuries and illnesses. Alongside flight nursing jobs, traveling nursing jobs and home health nursing jobs, occupational health nursing jobs will continue to increase in demand and offer a real challenge for anyone wishing to learn additional industry specific training.