“We are the 99%!”, this has been the marching cry of many people around the world as what was originally known as the Occupy Wall Street protests have now spread far and wide. It seems that this is a mass movement that has been long overdue, as the gap between the rich and poor has been getting progressively larger with each passing year. The inevitable consequences of living in a monetary based system that only fosters greed and competition, as opposed to generosity and cooperation, are finally coming to the tipping point. People are fed up with having to struggle each day just to make enough to eat and keep a roof over their head, so now they have taken to the streets in desperation.

            The ultra rich corporations have managed to keep the masses relatively oblivious to the unjust treatment they have experienced at the hands of their own governments, until now. The very institutions that are suppose to serve the interest of the people have instead being turning around and bowing down to corporate masters. All the proof for this is in the bailouts that occurred as a result of the 2008 financial collapse. Billions of dollars were spent on corporations and banks that tripped up because of their own fault, while millions of working class people lost their jobs/homes, and struggled to survive.  

            What is happening right now is a mass awakening to the inherent unsustainable course that our present economic system is on. There cannot be infinite growth for corporations on a planet that has finite resources. Eventually the tap will run dry and then the real problems will start to unravel. People have finally clued into the true state of reality and have become upset, and rightly so. Unless action is taken immediately, then the current state of mass consumerism and debt will continue and eventually completely fall apart, far worse than any economic or social collapse in the history of the world.

            For a movement such as the one we see today to truly succeed, more people must rise up and voice their objections to the state of our world. The occupy protests have been going on strong for just over a month now, but additional voices must join in until millions fill the streets of every major city shouting to the stars for real change. Unless the masses unite under one banner, then the current course that the planet is on will remain the same. People need to turn off their TVs and get out into the streets so that the governments and corporations of the world will know that they will no longer sit around and be complacent.