Occupy Wall Street Protests: A Misguided Movement?

Democracy has been the desire of the masses since people started to understand the power of the people. The French took their grievance to extreme and started a revolution that ended in the death and end of the royal family. The Egyptians went down to Tahrir Square and brought down their Aging president. The ruling party in Tunisia came to a sudden end when the population decided it was time for a change. These shows of people power or french revolution(67014)movement have often been preceded by years corruption, lack of transparency and abuse of power. The occupy Wall Street protest or movement is different. Even if a lot will see similarities between what has happened in countries that went through a revolution, this is not the same. The fact that the protesters want to take back what they feel belongs to them is probably where remonstration like these err.


The financial institution of the US is the backbone of everyday life. The system that most people are now complaining about is also the same system that has shaped the very existence of every Americans. If Wall Street and the financial world it represents were to disintegrate, it will also be the end of what is commonly known as the American Dream. The dream is based on the creed that "greed is good". However, the problem is that only a few will and can benefit from it. This of course leaves a lot of disheveled situation in its wake. The occupy Wall Street protest is like the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s. It came and went and those who took part in it nowTahrir square arab spring wondered if any good was achieved. The dilemma with any cry for true democracy and denouncing the establishment is that you need to find something with which to replace the system you are trying to bring down.

The occupy Wall Street protest doesn’t have an agenda and will ultimately wane. That is what often happens when a movement is based on ideology and it is far removed from reality. There is also the issue of getting wide support from the larger public. A bunch of protesters camping in front of the nation’s financial symbol will get the needed media attention but will not change the core of the problem.

Is Wall Street really the enemy? If you are fighting a war and you don’t know who your opponents are, you have already lost. The people protesting are in fact not against the financial system, they just want to be part of it. They are crying out for better share of the big cake. How do you make that happen and keep everyone happy? That is partly the problem with finance and democracy. People want better financial situation, and a more integrated political democracy in a nation of millions. That is almost like asking for a miracle. Since the beginning of time, democracy has been a disguise used to keep the masses happy whilst the ruling parties continue to wheel and deal.

According to the website OccupyWallStreet.org, the movement "is a horizontally organized resistance employing the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic…"

This is where the problem lies. Horizontal decision making is a pseudo-democracy protest that brings people together quickly because of the illusion that they can get a voice and power through their common cause. If history is to be believed, the movement will slow fall away because occupy wall streetthe ideologies are unsustainable and there is no clear plan with which Wall Street will be replaced.

Is the occupy Wall Street protests a misguided movement? If their aim is to generate a buzz and bring more attention to the inequalities of modern society, it will fail. That is simply because it is already a well established fact. If the movement is trying to bring down the financial backbone of the USA, it will fail because it will be like bringing down the very existence of the nation. That said, is the occupy Wall Street protests a failure and a waste of time?

That is not the case because the courage and determination of those who have been leading the fight for a better way of life has been given a voice. The protesters have been able to show that behind the financial establishments recklessness, there are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, people of different races and languages willing to stand up for their rights and privileges.