Occupy Wallstreet. Two simple words, but yet as I ponder the signifigance of this protesting group it signifies much more then 2 words. Although me and “Occupiers” as they have been called have different political views, I as an American cannot help to be inspired by there undeniable passion. The roots begin in Wallstreet, but have become much more.

          Occupy groups have been resented, labeled as terrorist’s, and traitors. Recently my political teacher was talking about his visit to Downtown Cleveland, perhaps one of the most effected by corporate greed. He praised the city ofClevelandfor limiting these protesters to being in 1 small area, being denied the ability to sleep in their place of protest and he also praised hostility of our citizens toward the Occupiers. I quickly became enraged by his tone, his praise for the restrictions on our rights to protest. But then I quickly stopped myself, and pondered the thought that political protests have become more villianized and less embraced. I thought again for a moment and tried to start understanding the roots of this social movement of hostility to anything out of the normal, or revolutionary.

          The Haymarket Riots may be a cause of fear in protest, but was most certainly not the turning point in this social movement. Martin Luther King’s March onWashingtonmay have been the most influential protest in American history. The Stonewall riots 6 years later was a influential riot/protest also. But looking back their was no pivotal movement that changed the course of protesting. Yet looking back on these moments, these were movements that were not widely accepted, were not condened, and were met with opposition. In hindsight these movements were very good things. Is every protest not accepted, then accepted on the basis of social change?

          This is not a long essay, probably should not be regarded as an essay. Just a political reflection. Now as the day nears an end, I can only hope the best for social movements. As a aspiring( and in some cases in action) political protester, I can only hope that the landscape will change, and even with differing views, protesters can be embraced as hereos, or at the least Americans voicing their opinions in a very hostile enviroment.

          These are things never taught in school, and as I sat through another boring day of school, in which I learn things that are common knowledge, I think about the day I will be able to get a personalized education that will have value in my profession and life.