Stop the pollution!

The impact that our pollution is creating is terrible. It greatly affects the health of the ocean and in turn affects our well-being. Karma.... There is a quote from Rolf Bolin "the fumes from the scum floating on the waters of the inlets of the bay were so bad they turned lead based paints black." This was at Monterey Bay in 1940. The fumes were so bad that the people working there couldn't stay too long. However, the pollution brought them money. So the people dealt with it because the county needed the money. They absorbed it into skin and inhaled it.

There is a lot of PCB pollution. PCB is Polychlorinated Biphenyl. They take an organic compound called Biphenyl which forms colorless crystals. If you attach 1 to 10 chlorine atoms to it. You have PCB. It's toxic and I don't believe it breaks down. Plastics are a problem too. We thought it was good when we found out that plastics could break down. But it's worse. When plastic breaks down. It's still plastic it's just smaller and easier to get around.

The problem is this pollution gets absorbed into plankton. One of the organisms at the very bottom of the oceanic food pyramid. Well, one of the main methods of being contaminated from PCB is from consuming contaminated food. That means if plankton absorb it and then are consumed by predators. Then the predators can become contaminated. Yep, all the way up the oceanic food chain.

I watched something that talked about dolphins and contamination from PCB. It was heartbreaking. The PCB gets stored in the fat of the dolphin. The only way that the dolphins can remove this contamination, is through breast-feeding. Terrible, the PCB gets transferred to the calf through breast-feeding. This has caused the death rate of baby dolphins to be over 60%. But wait it get's worse.

We don't eat much whale or dolphins here in America. At least not anywhere near here. But, that still doesn't mean we haven't eaten anything contaminated by it. So if the pollution is causing a bunch of oceanic problems then it causes problems for us as well. We eat seafood. Another way of contamination from PCB is through inhalation. The workers at Monterey Bay back in 1930's were greatly exposed to it. Red tides are algal blooms that come up on shore because of the disrupted ocean. These algal blooms were probably what smelled bad and could contaminate.

There are Inuit cultures that eat dolphin and other types of oceanic meat. It's killing them. There are mothers that cannot nurture their young because of the cross contamination through breast milk like in dolphins. The plastic is bad because we use it for all our food shipping and storage. Some of the plastic particles get consumed, and there is so much of it, there is greater risk of it polluting.

The karma is that we pollute the oceans. It comes back to us even worse. Stop the pollution.