Oceanside California is home to Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. Camp Pendleton is the driving economic factor that powers the lo0ocal economy. Every business in Oceanside and the surrounding area is better off for having the huge military base as its backyard.

Many of these military guys and gals rent property that is off base. Living off base is a privilege for single members but is more common with married couples. Many military members prefer to live off base. Renting out a rental unit in Oceanside California is easy to do. Each week there is a huge influx of new "Devil Dogs" being transferred to Camp Pendleton and just as many being shipped out to new places.

Usually when you rent out a property to a military member you can expect to have that person there for 1-2 years before they will transfer. If you are not a slum lord and take care of your rental properties and treat your tenants fair then these Marines will usually have someone lined up to take their place.

It is not uncommon for a Marine to invite some of his buddies from his company over for a barbeque and their friends like where they live, especially compared to the cramped and strict barracks on the base. Later if one of the guys buddies is getting married then he will tell his buddy to let the landlord know that "I'd like to rent your place next month when you get transferred". If you have a sought after property then you can save a lot of money from not having to advertise the rental in the classifieds and your percentage of time that the rental is vacant is practically zero.

If you have a tenant that is constantly late on the rent, which is rare with the Marines, then all you need to do is call up his or hers companies superiors. Let them know that he is behind on the rent and you are concerned. The Marines superiors do not like their Marines to be in financial trouble or behind and they will be able to get him to pay the rent and keep it caught up.

If you are looking to rent a property in Oceanside then you may or may not be in for shock. There are reasonable priced rental units available, at least by Southern California standards, but if you want a nice house in a safe neighborhood then you will need to pony up some dollars. If you are from Atlanta or other larger city the pricing won't faze you. If you are an 18 year old Marine, just married, and from Hollister Idaho then you may be shocked at what you perceive as the extremely high cost of rent. If you fit the latter description then you should consider living on base in military housing.

The rental market is always strong in Oceanside California. Ye sit doe shave its downturns but as compared to other smaller communities you will not have problem either finding a property to rent or if you are a landlord keeping it rented. The only problem as a tenant may be finding what you think is a fair price, especially if you're from a tiny town such as Junction Texas.