October Lawn Jobs


October is the last month you can guarantee to be able to cut the grass. Growth has slowed down dramatically though this month, so you can usually get away with taking the mower out once a month. Avoid cutting your lawn too short though.


This is also the last month you will be able to tidy the edges and long grass around trees and shrubs, so take out the edging shears and do it or it will look awful by next spring.

Hedges in September


If you did not get around to any major cutting back of hedges there is still time to do it this month. Put any small branches through an electric chipper to turn them into a useful mulch. Put any thicker branches on one side to season and dry out. If you try to burn them this year they will be too full of sap to burn well.


Put the chippings into a spare corner, under a bush or somewhere. They need to START rotting down for 6 months before you can use them as mulch. If you use them straight away they take nitrogen out of the soil as they decay.


Roses in September


In October your roses will be on their last legs, you'll have a few flowers, but it is too early to cut them back for the winter.


Soft fruit in October


You will still have raspberries developing until the end of October. Make sure the blackbirds and starlings can't get to them by covering them with netting.


Check any blackcurrant or redcurrant canes you stuck in the ground, though they take a bit longer to develop proper roots.


October Vegetable Jobs


Your tomatoes will be there, but not ripening. If nights below 50C, 410F threaten then pull off the green tomatoes before the frost gets to them. You can use them to make chutney, or leave them in a cool drawer and they will continue to ripen slowly.


Weed and tidy the vegetable garden.


Compost any waste from the vegetable garden


Shrubs – October Jobs


Make sure any cuttings you planted are still damp.



Annuals – October Jobs


Tidy up the annual beds or leave them for the birds and hedgehogs, whichever you prefer. Compost anything except weeds


General October Garden Jobs


Plant any tulips or daffodils you did not plant in September.


Get the grass rake out every weekend and rake up any leaves that have fallen.


Put the leaves in a separate compost bin to rot down over the next 2 or 3 years.


Turn your compost heap over. Toss it with a garden fork into an adjacent, empty compost bin. This makes sure it is well aerated and will continue to rot down over the winter. It will need tossing again in January.


Saw up more firewood on dry days. Using a bow saw to do this is a great way to keep warm and enjoy the peace of autumn days.

September left-over jobs not done yet, check here

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