For a few months in a row now I've been providing detailed InfoBarrel income reports for my writings here on InfoBarrel. As I outlined in my original InfoBarrel Earnings Report in September for the month of August I began focusing significantly on increasing my InfoBarrel income in the middle of the month of July. August was my first full month focusing on making money on InfoBarrel and my earnings have been increasing at a significant pace ever since.


If you recall from my September Income Report I focused a ton on writing long articles and interlinking them heavily. I wrote 60 articles in September and made significant increase in my income. I also really stretched myself as I was quite busy at home and at work and by October 1 I was mentally drained.


In the forums in October I noted that I was a little burnt out but felt that backlinking was a nice escape and was feeling like a good way to "get away" and refresh myself. So that's what I did.


In October I only added 12 new articles to my library here but it was just enough to keep myself at a 90 percent revenue share for the month of November. Remember, this is vastly important if you want to maximize your earnings. Writers here at InfoBarrel have a guaranteed 75 percent share of the ad impressions for Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon (which is substantially better than the share offered by other major competitor websites) but we also have the opportunity to increase our Adsense revenue share to 90 percent by participating in the monthly contest and by posting enough content each month to achieve at least 30 points.


The difference may not seem like a lot but for every hundred dollars in Adsense revenue your article makes you're the difference in your earnings is about $15. Instead of making $75 you would make $90 – which is an increase in your net revenue of 20 percent just for staying active by writing enough content monthly. Basically writing enough content every month is like getting a guaranteed 20 percent increase in revenue – that is worth it. And when you compare the difference between a 90 percent share here at IB and a 60 percent share on another site the increase in revenue is an astounding 50 percent increase. Some sites only give you a 50 percent share making this 90 percent share a difference in revenue of 80 percent in your favor. Need I say more.


In the month of October I only wrote 14 articles here on IB but I also wrote a bunch of articles to publish elsewhere and backlink my articles here on IB. I basically did a filter in Analytics looking for articles I had on IB that were already receiving modest traffic on a monthly basis and which also had individual article eCPM of $25 or more. I then took a look at the top keywords that drove search traffic to the articles and used those keywords and anchor text in my backlinking efforts.


Doing the work of deciding which articles to backlink with guest posts and article marketing is a little work but not too much. Deciding the anchor text ads a bit more time to the process but once you do it you should have a good variety in anchors to use. After all, you shouldn't be using the exact same anchor text every time. Switching it up a bit helps out a lot in the long run.


Once all my upfront investigation work was complete I started producing backlinking articles of 300-400 words a piece. These types of articles are insanely easy to write because you don't have to write them with SEO in mind. You simply give them a title with the keyword in it and make sure your anchor text is present in the article and then just write without editing. Just whip out 350 words in less than 10 minutes. Edit once for spelling and grammar and you're done. Unlike a money article here which I spend more time on these backlink articles are so much easier to write and they are less stressful – I don't think about them hardly at all… meaning the month of October felt like a very lazy month for me. It felt like I didn't hardly do anything.


Of course I did want to accomplish more but frankly we all need brakes sometimes and this ended up being my month off. As a result my previously published goal of doubling my income between September and October didn't occur but I did manage to achieve a very healthy and relaxing 51 percent increase in revenue month over month on InfoBarrel.


October 2010 InfoBarrel Income Report


The following numbers only pertain to my InfoBarrel income. I did make money from many other personal sites as well as revenue hare sites but they are not included in these totals.


In October I made $337.61 on InfoBarrel up 51 percent from September. Breaking it down I made:


  • $0.99 via Amazon Affiliate
  • $34.84 via Chitka
  • $301.78 via Google Adsense


Totaling $337.61 for the month. Not bad for taking it easy for the month if I do say so myself.


In the month of November I'm going to have a lot of time early in the month and only a little time ate in the month so I will try my best to be very productive early on. I'm going to continue backlinking but also I plan on adding more content at a faster clip. I plan on experimenting with two new strategies – I want to improve Amazon sales like I've tried to do with my night light article and I also want to see if I can start driving some traffic to high CPC pages which are more in line with my interests but also in line with increased competition like my article on mortgage refinance options.


This should result in slow increases to my search traffic and to my click count but should also result in increases to my overall eCPM and total income. It may also make writing a little more enjoyable on those days when writing about toilet seat hinges just doesn't sound appealing.


Lastly, I'm starting to get a lot of comments, emails, and referrals for this site and I want to help as many people out as possible. My earnings are entirely possible for anyone else to achieve so I'm continuing to add to my InfoBarrel tutorials and am listing most of them on my main InfoBarrel Earnings page. Feel free to get involved and start making more money yourself. You can join InfoBarrel under my referral or through the links at the top of the page. Start building residual income for your future today – you won't regret it.