A sad month for technology fans...

Ol' Jobs.

So it hits home, the man of men is dead. The legend that put style in every home, and made tablet computing a thing of the now has sadly passed but how will the computing giant Apple respond and recover?

The IPhone 4S has left many disappointed, calling out that it is a repeat of the earlier 4 model, but Apple insist that the A5 technology is ground breaking[702], and that the new 1080p camera is enough to get you to buy it alone. Many people expected the IPhone 5 to be announced, but have instead been left with a renovation of sorts.

Now even if the IPhone 5 does get released in Summer 2012, it is still fair to say that Steve will of had a hand in the device, so lets not call this his last child untill we get the 5. Going back to the 1080p camera that is an improvement on the old 720p camera[702], is it going to be noticeable? The pictures at the conference were mediocre at best in my opinion.

The market share of iOs[702] to Android is moving towards more people buying Android handsets over Apple handsets, so it is fair to say that people are bored of the old Apple, and only loyalists and die-hard IPhone fans are still buying every model as soon as possible, it seems Google and HTC have just opened the market and given buyers a lot more choice and rapidly descending prices.

So finally we come to the matter of iCloud. iCloud is a free set of cloud services, including but not limited to: iTunes, PhotoStream and Documents. This works wirelessly anywhere with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC to stream documents to any device you need them on.[702]

In summary I think these next few months ahead will be interesting, as we see what HTC has to offer to counter the 4S, and maybe even a new Android OS on the horizon? We will see... untill next time!

iOS 5 and iCloud

iOS 5 and iCloudCredit: www.zdnet.comCredit: www.zdnet.com