Halloween is the highlight of October for many people but not for me. My favorite month is October. By far October is the best month for me and as much as I enjoy Halloween, it also marks the end of my favorite month.

October in Idaho means the air gets cooler and crisper; the remaining leaves are rapidly losing their ability to stay on the tree, and even an occasional snowfall. October marks the time when we are buying candy and Halloween outfits.

Even without Halloween October is still by far my favorite month. The Charlie brown Halloween special of "The Great Pumpkin" will be showed repeatedly on TV. I love that special.

I feel a spiritual connection to the month of October. I can even mark the first time I felt this way.

October is an exciting time for me. Nothing special will happen but I feel connected to the earth and the heavens. When most people are prepping for cabin fever my endorphins are pumping at full blast.

I am happy that October is one of the months that have 31 days in it as it gives me more time to enjoy my favorite month. Not counting Halloween Is there really any difference between October 31st and say November 5th? Nope, not really, but I still feel better during the month of October.

November brings us Thanksgiving. I enjoy being with family during Thanksgiving but I seriously hate turkey. November is the time of the year I am counting down and gleefully awaiting snowfalls. I love snow and know that it may come at anytime. If I get snow during November I am happy. If I get a huge snowfall in October I am doing cartwheels I am so stoked.

November is mainly just a countdown until Christmas. I like Christmas, at least the traditions, snow covered pine trees, Christmas lights, etc. I hate the commercialization of Christmas. I wish Christmas was like the Little House on the Prairie TV show where Christmas was a much simpler time.

October marks the end of a year for me in a way. I run on a fiscal year, and my fiscal year will begin on October 1st. I will be totally killing this year on writing multiple articles for TextBroker and InfoBarrel.

October is a great month for me historically and I hope I can continue that streak this year.