All of these search terms were used in a Google search which brought these people to an article of mine on InfoBarrel. All of these searches are from February.

Some of my weird search strings for the month were:

the email consultation is a person from a lonely elderly person in the united states who receives it. Yes this is what I would call a very long tailed search string. The searcher found my article on Lonely Senior Citizens and Infomercials

barrel made of hemp

Are there barrels made of hemp? I now there are barrels full of Marijuana but never seen a barrel made of hemp. I do have a hemp wallet. This search term brings up my InfoBarrel article in the very first spot. The article is called Eco Friendly Hemp Shoes.

College Cheeran upskirt look at a cheerleaders butt

hehe...dirty minded search string that brought them to my article on Cheerleading Merchandise

1968 falls ave e twin falls idaho

Obviously my article was not what they were looking for but I will take all of the visitors I can get. They spent some time on the site so they must have liked my article on Twin Falls Idaho-Home Of The Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon Jump.

google adsense misspelled

Not sure what this person was searching for but they found my Infobarrel article about Misspelled Words and Search Engine Traffic.

famous adult-movie stars born on may 25

Page one of the Google results and they clicked on my InfoBarrel article about Famous People Born On Christmas

error bukisa

Yes Bukisa is a big error in my opinion but some people seem to like it even though you will earn more with InfoBarrel. This Google searcher found my Infobarrel article called Benefits Of Writing For Bukisa, Examiner, and Infobarrel.

cuanto cuesta una harley low 883 nueva

Even Mexicans love Harley Davidson motorcycles. This Spanish speaker found one of my articles about the Harley Davidson 883 sportster motorcycle.

magdaléna rybáriková naked pictures

Number one in the Google search results for this term. Too bad more people did not search this exact term. The person found my article on 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players

photos of women vomiting

People will truly search for anything. They found my article 10 Odd Photos Of Women.

sexy 10 year olds

This pervert found my article called 10 Pretty Sexy Female Tennis Players. No there is not any pictures of sexy 10 year olds in the article. Maybe it was Mark Lewis Kinney that did the search.

spider on my bed middle of night

This Google searcher found my article called 10 Things I Do Not Want To Find In My Bed

unable to expel gas

This search term brought the visitor to my article about How To Deal With Gas On Airplanes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this was on page one of the Google results. Too bad there are not more people who can not expel gas, Maybe I would have more visitors to this article.

I received many other search queries that seemed strange but the luckily the bulk of my search queries were well targeted and clear as to what they wanted and I am glad that the majority of the time the searchers find what they want in one of my articles but as we see from the examples above there are always exceptions. Image Credits: (Flickr/JMrosenfeld)