Since its release in 2001, no putter has generated more interest, debate or scrutiny then the Odyssey 2 Ball line of putters. Subsequently taken over by Calloway Golf, the Odyssey two ball putter revolutionized putting for both high handicap players and low handicap golfers who struggled with putter alignment. The simple addition of adding ball shaped markers on top of a mallet style putter, allowing golfers to easily align their putter to the ball and then to their target seems so obvious in hindsight, but it caused tremendous controversy before its release, with the real possibility that it would not be sanctioned by golf's governing bodies. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the Odyssey 2-Ball putter has gone on to become the highest selling putter line of the last decade, helping to make better putters out of millions of putters around the world.

Advantages of The Odyssey 2 Ball Putter

The single greatest advantage of the patented 2 ball putter is helping to align the putter. A large component of putting is confidence and being able to stand over a putt knowing that you are aimed exactly where you intend the ball to go is the best way for the high handicap golfer to increase their putting confidence. By being aimed consistently, the average golfer will be more likely to develop a more consistent and repeatable putting stoke as the subconscious no longer has to compensate for poor initial putter alignment. This not only leads to more putts on line but more consistent speed of putts over all distances, limiting the number of 3 putts a golfer faces as even the putts that they miss are more likely to finish near the hole.

The mallet style putter can also help the high handicap golfer due to its extra weight. Poor putters tend to either stab at the ball or decelerate the club during their putt. The heavy weight of a mallet style putter naturally maintains a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) which in simple terms means that the putter is less likely to turn on its axis; IE, the putter will come through with a square club face even when you make a poor putting stroke or decelerate just before the moment of impact. This leads to significantly greater forgiveness from putters like the Odyssey 2 Ball in comparison to standard blade putters.

Odyssey 2 Ball Putters

Disadvantages Of The Odyssey 2 Ball Putter

The major disadvantage of the Odyssey 2 Ball putter is that mallet putters tend to give less feel than blade style putters. The heavy weight makes controlling the putter speed with the absolute precision that a professional or low handicap golfer require more difficult than a traditional blade putter. The better golf doesn't generally have serious issues with putter alignment so they don't need to trade less feel or more inconsistent distance control for the greater alignment that a mallet putter offers.

Odyssey 2 Ball Putter Styles and Models

Since the original Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball Putter was released in 2001, Callaway have released over a dozen different models featuring the same basic design with largely cosmetic differences. A range of additional circular metal bars connecting the body of the putter to the putter face are offered as well as variety of metal inserts for the putter face that slightly effect the feel of the ball leaving the putter. Neither of these additions make a massive change to the basic putter design and really are personal preference as to which putter "feels" right. The major difference that makes an important change to the putter is whether the shaft is located in the heel or the center of the club. Traditionally, the shaft of the putter is connected at the heel of the putter but golfers with a particularly straight back and forth putter stroke may benefit with a style where the shaft connects at the centre of the putter face. The best advice I can give is to go to your local golf store and try out both styles and determine for yourself which feels more comfortable.


The Odyssey 2 Ball Putter from Calloway Golf is the original and still the best performance improvement putter for the high handicap golfer and anyone struggling on the greens due to poor putting alignment. With over 10 years of proven results where this style of putter has helped millions of golfers shoot lower scores and gain more enjoyment from their hours on the links, the Odyssey 2 Ball may be just the cure to help fix your putting woes.

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