Of Cullen-ary and Potter-y

- Deserts Rose.

Our Hotties

OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE HOW HOT HE WAS *drool* ..okay girl you better learn to control those salivary glands, you definitely don't want your Asian mom to fret about the baby traits your woo-ers wont accept.

I always found it amusing of how not only being in fashion was a part of wearing those "in" clothes, but hey having a crush on a guy (celebrity of course) is also IN. Sorry girl you don't like him not only can be in our cool "I WILL SELL MY BODY FOR HIM" (decorated in pink ribbons) group but you're a socially unaccepted outcast.

Coming to the scene, pit full of hungry snakes (teenagers) are tempted with smell of fresh rabbits (media)..and then vola mother snake (adults) finds a stuffed toy which resembles a squirrel and feeds it to them. Conclusion? Yeah they take it anyway.

The whole hype is just like wind, it goes as fast as the strength it came with, effects totally depends on where it hit. To much amusement there are psychoanalysis being carried out to why these books are liked. At least Shakespeare would be replaced with much more handsome faces in the future. Where has the art and literary side of the world gotten to? Like hello people what we do today is the history for the next generation. Lucky kids of ours, they would be taught from skills of Harry and manners of Edward compared to the boring Jane Austen Darcy-ies we are pressurized to dream about during class with a lecturer who is busy drawing hearts in her head I'm sure.

Lets start with the shiny Cullen-ary (ironically he is dead pale). In my opinion, he is just a lame sadistic guy with nothing else to do then try his luck in his so called eternal life. If politics was involved, Mr. President would be a ugly cannibal trying to re-image his character by making vampires a sexy new image. However, what so happened to Animal Rights? Would not that lead to animal extinction if a couple of "cool" vampires go veg (his personal joke, since the halo struck guy wouldn't feast on humans).

Potter-y, lost its spotlight after shiny Cullen-ary hit tables. I feel insulted that my fate was to be born a Muggle, and dear Malfoy would call me filth blood while flying over my kitchen broom named Nimbus 2000. I so need a wand, life gets tough around here with smashed spectacles. Oh how great it would be, killing someone with a single curse. Bright yellow posters in slums : Overpopulation? Then "Avada Kedavra" is the word for you!

Getting back to the imbalance of hormones splashing by our two hotties, on the bright side they have created an income for about thousands of people out there. Imagine, a movie poster put up, employment for making the movie, the actors, the people in the printing department, the people who will stick up the poster, the entrepreneurs who will make stationary items taking the poster picture, the endless list goes on. Hats off to Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling

& definitely, they gave me a reason to write my article =).