Tragic story of boxer Z Gorres and triumph of Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

It was once noted by an international news writer that we Filipinos are so passionate in sports, sports like basketball, billiards and of course the ever popular boxing.  Out of this list, it is boxing that the writer refers to which Filipinos are very passionate about.  But why boxing?  Boxing, for all we know, is a brutal sport where the two protagonists will try to hurt each other to earn victory.  Given this, why do we still embrace this sport?  Such passion has been propelled only by one person and I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for boxing in Filipinos before but not until Manny Pacquiao burst into the scene.


But did you know that in boxing, tragedy and triumph is inevitable to happen?  Last weekend at Las Vegas the Filipino nation witnessed tragedy and triumph transpired at the same time.  First, there was an awful tragedy that hit on one of the Filipino pugilists that fought at Vegas, a tragedy that did not only open his chance to put his boxing career to the grave but also his life.  The boxer that I’m referring to is Z Gorres.


Butchoy, as what they frequently call him, fought valiantly for 10 full rounds and was winning the fight.  But came the final minute of the final, he was hit by a solid left that totally snapped his head backward and boom! He was down!  Standing wobbly and groggy, he survived to finish the fight and won it.  But seconds after the result was announced, he suddenly passed out.  He was immediately taken out and brought to the nearest hospital.  It was found out that his brain was badly swelling and the doctors need to open his head to relieve the pressure then subject him to medically induced coma.  The accumulation of punches he received that fight plus the last punch that hit him served as a nail in the coffin in his current situation.


It was a sad day for Philippine boxing because what happened to Gorres involves a chance to drop his life.  The first two days in the hospital was very critical.  Gorres was still unconscious but the third and successive days were promising as Gorres showed an indication of fast recovery since his vital signs are now stable.

Following the tragedy that happened to Gorres was the phenomenal milestone in world boxing history that was attained by the greatest boxer of this era, pound for pound, Manny Pacquiao.  For the record, he had captured 7 titles in 7 weight divisions.  Now what does that mean?  It’s pretty simple.  Manny is fighting bigger after bigger opponents and still managed to win spectacularly by knockout!  It is like beating every goliath of every division when he encounters them above the ring.


His fight with Miguel Cotto labeled as “Firepower” was the latest addition to his exceptional boxing credential.  Prior to the fight, many boxing analyst are having second thoughts if Pacquiao can withstand Cotto’s power.  They even predicted Cotto might knock Manny out but as it turns out, the Pacman simply ran over Cotto like a bulldozer.


One could never see any marks of fear in Pacquiao’s face as he was smiling all along from the locker room until coming to the ring.  In my observation, Pacquiao’s aura is like that Super Saiyan character from Dragon ball Z who never fears any opponent yet possesses a happy disposition.  He is the modern day Son Goku!!!!!!


Many have tried challenging to dethrone him but looked what happened to them?


There is indeed a reason for us Filipinos to celebrate despite the tragedy that had happened to Gorres.  The level of triumph that Manny Pacquiao has attained will live forever and will loudly be heard in the next generations to come, a record that has been achieved by a full bloodied Filipino that no other boxer in this world has ever done.  

*Note: Delivered by TM Ed Bas Jr. for his Basic Speech #8.