Off Brand Android Tablets

Cheap tablet PCs

The market for off brand android tablets is really taking off. Competition is heating up for bargain and cheap tablet pcs. The best way to save money on an android tablet besides buying a second hand, used or refurbished tablet is to buy a no name tablet. Off brand android tablets offer many of the same features of other tablets that are made by more recognizable, well known manufacturers.


Why Buy Off-Brand Tablets?


Save Money. The main reason to buy a cheap tablet is to save money. You can find bargain tablets on sale for as little as $69. You can easily find brand new tablets running android for $99 regular price at many of the major retail outlets and at most online discount stores. If your budget is small an off-brand android tablet may be in your budget if you shop around.


Similar Features. Just because you buy a cheap tablet doesn’t mean that it won’t have the features you want. Be persistent and search for a tablet with all of the features that you want. Create a check list of all of your must have features and do your research on bargain tablet pcs. Many of the inexpensive tablets have great features that you wouldn’t expect to find on a tablet under $100. Features like front and rear cameras or web cams are often a standard feature on even the cheapest tablet pc. Other standard tablet features are WIFI capability, headphones jack, etc. Even if you can’t find every single feature that you want your bargain tablet keep in mind that you can probably find an app in the android market that will perform whatever function you are in need of.



What are Some Off-Brand Tablets?


One of the leading makers of off brand tablet pcs and e-readers is Pandigital. Pandigital is a maker of discount electronics. This brand has a large selection of inexpensive tablets. The tablets by Pandigital are available in multiple sizes. Check the features on the various models of e-readers and tablet pcs that Pandigital offers to make sure that they have the functions that you are searching for. Cheap tablets like these can be found at many major retailers. Although Walmart carries the Pandigital brand tablets they are only available on Walmart’s website.


Maylog is another brand of tablet pc that available for around $100. Its also available at Walmart. The small size of the Maylog 7” tablet makes it great for travel or when you’re on the go and don’t want to have to pack a lot of things with you. It can be used as an e-reader or media player for music and movies.


There are many more cheap tablets on the market. To find the one that’s right for you should search for tablets in your price range and compare it’s features to others of the same price and higher end tablets. Also don’t forget to search for promo codes or sales. With some many off-brand tablets on the market it will be easy to find a cheap tablet pc in your price range.