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Offering junk car removal services is a practical way to earn extra money. In some areas, it is not uncommon to see junk cars on people’s driveways, backyards or by the curb. In other areas, Home Owners’ Associations strictly prohibit property owners from parking a junk car on the property. Having a junk car on the driveway could result in fines. Home owners living in such areas could take advantage your service. If you are thinking of starting junk car removal service, but don’t know where to start, here are some tips.

Junk Car Removal Equipment and Permits

If you already have a truck, you will need to install a towing hitch. You will also need to obtain the proper towing equipment. A car tow dolly allows you to lift the vehicle’s front wheels off the pavement so you can pull it with your truck. Other towing options include car trailers and tow bars. 

The type of licenses and permits needed for a car removal service generally varies, depending on your state of residence. Contact your Township Hall regarding any permits needed in your area. 
It’s a good idea to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a list of towing safety tips. Additionally, Towing laws generally vary from state to state. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for specific towing laws in your area.

Market Your Car Removal Service

Post your car removal service on free online sites such as craigslist and local newspapers. Make business cards and distribute them among your friends, acquaintances and neighbors. Make sure that they understand that your service is free. 

Ways to Make Money From Junk Cars

When it comes to turning junk cars into extra money, you have several options. For example: 

  • Take the car to a scrap yard and sell the car as scrap metal. 
  • If you have the space, you may opt to dismantle the car in its entirety. Separate the various metals by type, and sell each type separately. Some types of metal are worth more than others.
  •  Remove any useful parts, and sell the parts individually. Post the parts for sale on free online and print newspapers. 
  • Sell the junk car to a salvage yard. Unlike scrap metal junk yards, salvage yards strive to sell as many parts off the car as possible. When a customer needs a particular part, he receives access to the junk cars. If he finds what he is looking for, he removes the part and pays for it at the front office. The salvage yard then sells the shell and whatever is left of the car as scrap metal. 

As you can see, offering free junk car removal services can give you the opportunity to earn extra money on the side. It is the type of work that you can do on weekends or in the evenings. Moreover, you do not have to go into debt due of overhead expenses. Some of your expenses such as mileage and towing equipment are generally tax deductible.  Keep an accurate log of your mileage, and save your receipts when you purchase equipment. If you have to spend money for permits or licenses, keep those receipts as well. Accurate record keeping can help you keep as much money as possible from your junk car removal service.

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