When looking for gifts for the office, or a gift for that “hard to buy for person” especially for the holiday season, then you can feel like you are grasping at straws, and each year you may end up back down that aisle at the local department or discount store trying to find something last minute.

Gift buying can cause some of the greatest stress for people at this time of year.  Not only for the amount of money we may have available to go shopping with, but also just how to spend that money on a present that you know they will love and not end up in the back of a closet or that desk drawer.

If you have someone on your list that can be very hard to buy for, then you need to make a list of their habits and things they like to do.

If they like a certain coffee then you could get it for them, or if they like a certain wine you could get it for them, but if this co-worker doesn't really like anything that much at work, then think about things they may like at home. 

It can be hard to find something if you have been given a budget too, such as with the "secret office santa" but I came across this brilliant idea for anyone on your list that likes a decent whiskey or any drink that they wouldn't want to be watered down.  Office Christmas Gift IdeasCredit: thinkgeek.com

They are called Whiskey Stones, and were created in the USA.  They are 7/8 inches cubed and you basically freeze them and then add them to your single malt or whatever drink you normally like ice in, but the benefit here is you get the coldness without your drink being watered down.

Whiskey Stones

When you have finished your drink, you qucikly rinse them off and throw them back in the freezer!  These come in a little carrying bag, and make a great gift for the person who has everything, or for your co-workers at the office, or even for yourself.

You could purchase these and then purchase a nice glass to put them in, or a good whiskey depending on your budget of course!.  This is one of those office gifts that won't end up in the drawer or added to the collection of mugs from the year before.

Trying to find something different can be hard, but if you allow yourself a bit of time, and with online shopping you can find something a little different from the mugs and chocolates you may have been buying for that office gift each year.

These Whiskey Stones are not even reserved just for whiskey, they can be used for any special beverage you want to keep cold without the effect of watering down as the ice melts.  So, you are not limited to buying them for whiskey or other such beverages. 

So, if you have someone on your list at the office for Christmas this year, make a quick list of things they like at work and at home and try and find something that will make things easier, gifts like that are always welcome.