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Office cleaning companies can earn you big bucks if you desire to create one. In this downsizing job redundant age sometimes just digging your heels in and beginning your own company is the way to go to get your self a good financial footing. Beginning an office cleaning company may be just the idea for you. If you lack experience then perhaps you can ask your friends or family members who know of office owners that could use their premises cleaned for a good price. Get yourself some cleaning supplies (not a huge cost) and a few office cleaning company tools like a vacuum and such and begin to make yourself some big bucks. Well you may want to start with a lower cost to build up your reputation but once in you can certainly make those big bucks as time moves along.

Residential house cleaning is also in good demand. There are those who would love a reliable house cleaning company to take care of all their cleaning needs so that they don't have to bother with it themselves. If you're down and out with your income right now residential house cleaning and corporate cleaning is where a lot of money is.

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As part of your newly established office cleaning company you can also clean windows. The saying "we don't do windows" should not be part of your vocabulary. There is big bucks available just for window cleaning and its fast cash too. A bucket of sunlight soap and water with a few squeegees and cloths and your set to begin that office cleaning company. A typical store front like KFC can pocket you twenty bucks for a half an hours work. Do a few of those in a day and get the office owner to commit to an ongoing cleaning contract and you have yourself a fast cash income business just that quick.

There are many aspects to the type of cleaning you may like to consider when thinking about office cleaning companies. Some of these companies deal with all aspects of cleaning while others like to concentrate on a more niche cleaning like for example light-cleaning/vacuuming/dusting and so on while others get into the heavier cleaning services such as polishing /disinfecting / scrub-down and the like. In any case a maid service company or cleaning company in general could rake in big bucks for you if you are needing ideas to help swing you in a new direction to help get your finances going again.

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A little internet research first and foremost will allow you to study other office cleaning companies and get a good idea of how others are operating so that you too can realize the best of all aspects to put into practice to begin your own house cleaning or office cleaning company.