If you own a business, hotel, or any place where there's a lot of people who love coffee, then you need business coffee machines to keep people satisfied. Office coffee makers are available in all sizes; large and small. Office coffee makers aren't that expensive. Some can cost thousands of dollars, where as other office coffee machines keep you in the low hundred dollar range. Office coffee makers cost a little more than homemade coffee machines. When you shop online you can find some large office coffee makers that can serve hundreds of people for reasonable prices. Or smaller business coffee machines. The best way to keep employees working hard is by keeping a fresh pot of hot coffee at all times. Office coffee makers can be used for business purposes, offices, hotels, and catered parties.

Large Office Coffee Makers

100 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - Large office coffee makers that can serve up to 100 people at a time is a valuable office coffee machine to have. Better yet they're not that expensive. The West Bend 33600 Commercial 100 Cup Coffee Maker can percolate a 100 cups of hot coffee within a few minutes. It's an aluminum coffee machine that features an auto temperature control that keeps coffee hot for hours. It features two faucets for dispensing on each side of the coffee machine. Price wise and quality wise its a pretty good coffee maker to purchase when serving a large amount of people. It only costs about a hundred dollars online at dmartstores.com.

55 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - If you're looking for something slightly smaller, West Bend also makes a 55 cup capacity coffee machine. The West Bend 13500 55 cup Polished Commercial Urn is similar to the model make up of the 33600. It's made out of aluminum and it features heat resistant handles. If features a two-way faucet for dispensing hot coffee for employers. It also features an automatic temperature control switch to keep coffee hot for a long period of time. A one year warranty is included on West Bend office coffee makers. You can find great deals on this office coffee machine. Prices are going really low online at comfort house, amazon warehouse deals, and amazon.

24 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - 24 cup capacity office coffee makers can still serve a good portion of people within a short time frame. The Bunn 2 Burner 24 capacity office coffee maker is a bit expensive, but its quite a nice product to use for larger offices. It can percolate up to 3.8 gallons of hot and delicious coffee per hour. It features two different warmers. No plumbing is required, you can add your own water to the office coffee maker. It's expensive, but you can purchase online for a good price at plexsupply.net for $250.

Small Office Coffee Makers

14 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - 14 cups are usually too much for home use. 14 cups make for perfect use for small office coffee makers. The DeLonghi 14-cup programmable drip coffee maker is really cheap. It features an aroma button to customize the desired flavors and strengths. It's a 24-hour programmable coffee maker that features nylon filters and a cord storage. The water is released into 30 second intervals which helps to enhance the flavor. The coffee maker is chlorine filtered to preserve clean and fresh water. You can purchase online at radioshack for just $59.99.

12 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - The Cusinart Coffee-on-Demand 12 programmable coffee maker features an auto shutoff button and a 1-4 cup setting. The double wall coffee reservoir helps to maintain and preserve fresh tasting coffee. It comes with a removable coffee drip tray. These small office coffee makers feature charcoal water filters to help remove chlorine, copper, and other bad odor tastes to provide fresh and tasty coffee when brewed. The product also comes with a 3 year warranty. You can purchase online at centralchef.com for under $150 dollars. It's a small office coffee maker that doesn't take up much space. It's perfect for small businesses, or it can be used as a homemade coffee maker.

10 cup capacity Office Coffee Makers - 10 cup small business office coffee makers can be used for really small businesses. The Bunn 10 cu Pourover Brewer can be used for home or office use. It features an on/off switch, a durable glass decanter, a controlled porcelain warmer, and just takes 3 minutes to brew your favorite coffee. It's a little expensive and costs about $200 dollars. You can purchase online at eCOST.com, mwave.com, the twister group, and beachaudio.com. If you're look for something cheaper then the Mr. Coffee 10 cup Programmable coffee maker is going for just $72.99 online at office depot.