One very easy way to keep morale in the workplace high is with great office decorating. Each new season offers new ideas for changing up the decorations in the room and giving it a new feel. Making the workplace more inviting to go to will make it easier for employees to enjoy their jobs. The holidays offer a great time to make the workplace cherry, to change it up a bit, and even to get everyone involved. Have fun with it and you can make office decorating a great thing for all to get involved in during the holidays.

Choose a Theme.
The holidays offer a lot of great opportunity for office decorating themes. There are many to choose from and by going with one you can take the whole place into a whole new world! Themes work best when the entire place is decorated to match, but it can be harder for each person to individualize their own space.

  • A Homemade World is one of the best decorating ideas! You can get all the employees in on it and even their families and include all of the holidays and beliefs celebrated by your employees. What you do is let them know that the workplace will be decorated with homemade decorations and ask each person to bring in a few items that they or their family members make for the office decorating party. Then hold an office decorating party to put everything up. Make it loads of fun with holiday music, foods, and drinks. This idea lets people bring additional items to add to their space or cubicle.
  • Winter Wonderland. Make winter your great theme. Turn the whole place into a snowy paradise complete with lots of white, snowflakes, and white lights. Use green bows and bulbs to off set all the white.
  • 'Tis the Season: To Give Gifts! Your office decorating can be done with bright packages with a bit of wrapping paper and some bright colored bows. You should wrap all of the photos and paintings in the office with bright colored wrapping paper and large bows. Wrap each door that way as well! Add a tree and some wrapped boxes below for a complete look. To decorate your tree you should use simple choices such as all red or all blue bulbs, white lights, or even popcorn. Make the "gifts" the focus.

Deck The Halls With Bows Of Holly.
Office decorating can be done with a theme throughout the whole place or you can just add a few decorations around the main spaces and let each person have complete control of their own space or compete in an office decorating competition. For decking the "halls" you can go with bows of holly, or choose one of the other simple, but beautiful options.

  • One office decorating option is to simply add lights. This will look warm and cheery and is perfect for the outer walls while each person decorates their own space. However, if the room is really large it might not be enough to add visual interest.
  • Another office decorating option is to add garland with your lights. Choosing one or two colors is a great way to add more color and more visual interest without getting too crazy. This works really well if you have a focal point or two or if you are letting each person decorate their own space.
  • Another great choice is to choose one or two colors. Red and white, red and green, or blue can all be great options. Choose lights, snow flakes, Christmas bulbs, or other items in these colors to hang around the room. Bows are also a great addition if you want to use a garland that looks like natural bows.

Time For a Little Competition.
Office decorating always benefits from a little competition. There are a few different ways to run this. However, you should offer your employees control over their space or a designated space and let them go wild. Offer a nice prize for the best space. If you have a large number of employees then choosing three winners for your office decorating competition will be the best option. You can choose a number of judges or you can set it up so that everyone votes with the idea that no one should be voting for their own space.

A Great Tree.
Holiday themed office decorating plans aren't really complete unless they include a tree. Even a small tree or two can make a huge difference if your space doesn't allow for a large tree. Here are some tips that will add to the visual effect of your tree.

  1. In office decorating it is best to get the biggest tree that your space can afford. If that is only a small table top tree then so be it!
  2. Add lights. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great looking tree. Add some lights and you are sure to make an impact. You can choose colored lights or white ones, but to keep everyone productive don't make them flashing ones.
  3. Keep it simple. Most of the time getting really fancy is something to do at home. You don't have to add a million bulbs or other decorations to make a great tree. Instead pick on or two great options and go with it. Consider snowflakes, a single colored bulb, bows, or candy canes.
  4. Finally if you choose an office decorating theme make sure that your tree follows that theme!

Go All Out!
Office decorating can be done on a small scale or a large scale. The more that you change the atmosphere the more exciting going to work will be. In many cases, the holidays are the best time to go all out for some major changes. Decorate all the walls, the windows, and hang items from the ceiling. Get a tree and decorate that as well. Allow each person to decorate their own space, desk, or cubical either to match the theme or for a fun competition. Make it fun and exciting to get into the holiday spirit and lots of cheer.

Office decorating is a fun and exciting thing to do. Get people involved in the fun! You can make a great place to work for the holiday season and you can make a great place for your holiday party. Set up a plan, set a time for office decorating, and make sure you have fun with it. Everyone else will have fun if you are having fun yourself!