Sick of sitting for the majority of your working day use these tips to get up and moving about

1.  Develop a weak bladder

This may get you some funny looks if you go overboard but nipping to the loo every hour or so is a great way to get up and walking about.  Even if you don't need to go just wash you hands, fix your hair or turn the toilet into your new gym (not as weird as it sounds - see suggestion 6 below).  So go for it fake that overactive bladder!

2.  Become addicted to caffeine

Similar to toilet visits if you go over board you will likely be caught out but developing a slight addiction to caffeine will get you off your bum and heading straight for the kitchen.  You can drag this out and keep your boss sweet by becoming the designated team coffee maker, milk that standing time.

3.  Volunteer for any job that involves getting up and walking about

In a previous role I have to update figures on an hourly basis, this meant 1/3 of my day was spent standing.  So even if the job you will be volunteering for sucks treat it as a chance to go for a walk and put your self forward.

4.  Get a standing desk

If you have ever watched sci-fi you will notice that half the people in the control room are standing at screens and not sitting at them....were they on to something.  This is the ideal solution and something that offices should be implementing so if you can find a way to get that high desk go for it.

5.  Make the disabled toilet your new gym

This is one of the most spacious areas in an office where you won't get strange looks from your colleagues.  Stick to relatively quiet body weight movements, think squats, calf raises and wall press ups.  Not only will this give you a reason to walk to the toilet but will get you muscles working and some blood pumping, perfect for combating the sedentary nature of office work.

6.  Take the stairs

This is the most acceptable form of office exercise so there is really no excuse.  If you struggle with one flight then only do one and build on that until you reach the floor you work on.  Once you have achieved this start taking the stairs back down, then at lunch, then on then on the way home until you would be completely useless in Die Hard as you can't remember what the roof of an elevator looks like.