Those of us that work sitting down in front of a computer screen all day long know that it can be a big strain on our neck and upper back. Fortunately a lot of this pain can be avoided and side stepped altogether as long as we can overcome our worst enemy– ourselves.

 It is hard to avoid, sitting in front of a screen all day and not developing poor seating habits, in fact it has to be a conscious effort on our parts to avoid it. Below are a few tips to help deal with office back and neck pain and hopefully rid yourself of it for good.

 Sit up straight

Sounds obvious but indeed not sitting up straight regularly for years can not only be harmful to your spine but it is a major factor in back and neck pain and strain.

 This is the conscious effort I mentioned above, if you find bad seating habits hard to overcome try tying a tie or string around your midsection and the chair to help you stay in place when you find yourself leaning forward or slouching.

 Increase font size

Speaking of moving forward to view the screen, try increasing your font size to avoid this, if it is a comfortable size then you will not need to move forward.
If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse hold the ctrl key and scroll it up and down ,this increases and decreases the font size on most modern screens.

 A regular good massage

A good back and neck massage from professional every month or so can work wonders on back pain, relieving sore muscles and working out knots that develop.

This can help you relax your back also so as not to keep tensing it up.

 Walk regularly

As well as walking regularly, consciously try not to tense up you neck as you walk, this adds to the strain. Exercise is a stress relief and obviously good for you too. Also try stretching your upper back by holding onto an object and pulling against it. Gently roll your neck from side to side and back and forward too to loosen the muscles around it.