Buying Official Football Jerseys for Cheap

Expressing your fan hood is like proudly wrapping your arm around the woman you love. You're happy to do it and if anyone questions your dedication you're quick to defend. Finding official football jerseys can be what puts your fan hood over the top. If you aren't willing to make the investment to proudly support your team, what kind of fan are you anyways? Rocking a football jersey with an officially licensed patch is like a medal of honor only the most select fans have.


What makes them official? Official Football Jerseys

When a football jersey is called official it means it has been officially licensed by the player and organization it represents. In the case of the NFL an official jersey means the Nation Football League and the National Football League Players Association has signed off on it to be made. It also means they earn a royalty check for each jersey sold. It can be worth it though, because official jerseys are built nearly the same way a game jersey is built.

They are crafted with stretchy material. So when your 4 year old toddler tries to plow through you at half time trying to emulate your favorite line backer that made a goal line stop as time expired, your official jersey will withstand the blow. On top of the quality material, the name plate and numbers are stitched on. The craftsmanship is much better. The numbers and name plate won't peel off when you wash it. They cost a little more, but the prestige, honor and durability of wearing one make it worth it for the most loyal fans.


Where can you buy them?

Official football jerseys for the nfl are sold at and officially licensed retailers. You can find knock offs online at places like ebay however. If you are looking for something officially licensed, stick to places you recognize, and places that are trustworthy.

There are small sports memorabilia boutiques that offer official football jerseys and places like Dick's Sporting Goods offer them too. This might be your best bet. You will probably pay more than you would expect for an official football jersey, but you will be able to try them on.

The sizes of football jerseys are a little tricky. They don't come in the traditional small, medium, large, and extra large. They are sized by numbers. The numbers of the jersey size usually range somewhere in the 40's and low 50's. You will probably want to to try one on before you make a purchase decision. They actually where exactly like a football jersey so be ready for something that is a little bigger. Football jerseys are made to have pads worn underneath them, so they will fit loose.



How much do they cost?

On average you can find an official football jersey for around $75. If you wan an authentic jersey with all the stitched on numbers and name plate you can spend up to $200. There are places to buy bootleg jerseys at bargain basement places, but I wouldn't recommend this. The quality of the jerseys can't be guaranteed and you never know where they are coming from.

If you want to represent yourself as the standout fan you are, get an official football jersey that is licensed and authentic.


Why do you need an official football jersey?

You need an official football jersey so people know who you support. You can always tell who the true fan is when you see that authentic jersey with stitched on numbers and name plate. Inside every fan is the desire to tell you exactly where their loyalties lay. Wearing the jersey of your favorite player on your favorite team is a prime time way to do just that. And you won't have to offend anyone with your over zealous declaration of allegiance. The jersey on your back does all the talking.

Finding an official football jersey online can and will put the flag in the ground in regards to where your loyalties lay. If you want to represent your team and let everyone know it, throw your jersey on your back and cheer hard.

The difference between an official football jersey and a knock off are simple. A knock shows you're a half way fan unwilling to go the extra mile for your team. An official football jersey shows you have no apprehension about going the extra mile and spending the extra dime to be the loyal fan you are.