Offset the Expense of Christmas with Money-Making Planning

Christmas is a time of festivity and sharing. Unless you are Scrooge, you may go into the season feeling very expansive and generous. You want to give something tol everybody. But common sense tells you to step back and evaluate what you are doing. Answer a few basic questions. First, how much do you plan to spend on Christmas in total. Look at your outstanding debt. Do not fall into the trap of adding to your cumulative debt. So if you can't afford over a certain amount, then you will either not give everyone what you want to give or you will go deeper into debt. This situation calls for a budget.

Make three columns. In the first column are your significant others, spouse, family. In the second column are your close friends and the third column is for business associates or acquaintances. The most expensive gifts would go to the first column folks, the less expensive gifts would go to the second column folks and in the third column you would send a nice Christmas or Hanukkah card. Now look at your total expense. You may have this amount on hand but whether you do or do

not, think of this amount as what you will have to replace. What are some ways of earning money during the Christmas season? The first and most obvious way of making money during the Christmas holidays is to become Santa Clause for hire.

Just before Christmas, walk in any major department store or hotel and tell the management that you want to be Santa for them. They will, of course, run a background check on you to make sure you are not a felon and then you may get the job quicker than you think. You can get some idea of how to conduct yourself and to talk to kids from studying videos you can check out for free from your public library.

Make Earning Cash for Christmas a Family Adventure

Your whole family can be involved. Santa needs his gnomes, faeries and elves. The department store or hotel will furnish the white beard, stuffed stomach and jolly red outfit. You can have fun practicing your act at home before you do it for real....and it will engage your whole family. If you fall in love with playing Santa you can cultivate a white beard and let your tummy grow. There is a school in Michigan that trains Santas and you can actually graduate from Santa School. This assures you of extra work in the holidays. You could also advertise for home visitations, where you would travel to homes and parties to interact with kids and parents alike. If you plan to do some traveling during the holidays, you can drive there as Santa and charge a fee to those going in the same direction and riding with you. And singing carols on the way.And, of course, you can always get a job selling Christmas trees. Think of the spirit of Christmas as you help your customers pick out the exact tree they want and you praise them for their choices.

This year, it is predicted by the financial pundits, that Christmas cards are going to be up in sales and material gifts are going to drop very low. This opens a great opportunity for designing personalized artistic Holiday Season and Christmas cards. You could also sell digital music of songs related to Christmas. You can sell family recipes for making pumpkin pie that is moist and flavorful and not dry as the desert. If you fancy yourself a chef soon to be discovered, you can sell your creations complete with presentations. In fact, you could open a Christmas catering service. If you are good at home repair or remodeling, you can earn money by stringing indoor and outdoor Christmas lights for others. Many folks have elaborate light displays, but need help setting them up.

From O'Henry to Scrooge: The Gift of Christmas Perrenials

If you have a flare for the theatre, you can reenact Dickens' A Christmas Carol, or The Gift of the Magi by O'Henry. You could write a script for Scrooge and your son could play Tiny Tim. Mary E. Wilkins also has a story about a mystery guest who turns out to be a supernatural revelation. There are many Christmas stories like this that could be played on a stage.

Here is a practical way to make some money in a few days. Check with writers doing internet marketing and offer your services as a writer. Write essays for them for a fess. Many of these writers get weary writing 1000 to 2000 words per day so they had rather have someone they can trust to write the essays for a fee.

Here is high end idea. If you are good as a fashion designer you could create one of a kind dresses and jackets specifically designed for Christmas parties.

You can also pick up extra cash by adjunct teaching. You have a choice ranging from ITT Tech online, Argosy, Kaplan, D'Vray, Baker, Phoenix etc. You would do this in advance and time your pay day with the beginning of the Christmas season. This is a cake walk, for most schools end the fall semester around the Christmas season.

You may have money that you are not aware of. Check your tax returns and see if you have money coming to you. Many tax preparation agencies like H.R. Block offer to cut you a check for the amount the Feds owe you in exchange for signing over to them the right to collect from the Feds when they send it. This money may be waiting for you. While you are at this, check to see it there is money due you from the state. Unclaimed money sits waiting for you to claim it. All you need do is to prove you are who you claim to be and this corresponds with the name on the account.

Good luck and Happy Holidays ahead. Keep positive and surmount the expense of Christmas.