In the modern world we live, it's important to stay vigilant against various forms of hacking and viruses and one way we can do this is by making use of offsite data storage.  In this article we will discuss what offsite data storage actually is and why it is a good solution to data being lost or corrupted, as well as why it represents an extra step to be safe on the internet - the obvious benefit of this type of data storage is security, your data will always be protected, it is probably the best secure store service at the moment and you have the assurance of an excellent backup.


Old Backup

In the days before offsite data storage, if you lost your data you may have stored it on floppy or CD/DVD ROM discs.  These physical forms of backup still carried the same risks as a computers internal hard drive, meaning that if they were damaged your information would be lost.  The trouble is you would have not noticed this until there was a problem with your main computer and when you tried to retrieve your saved information, you found it was gone. 

Secure Store Service

Offsite data storage is essentially a piece of software that you can keep selected files on a remote location, separate to your main/work computer.  This remote location would normally be an individual server used for the specific function of storing data.  Therefore, it would be secure and protected from computing disasters and physical disasters.


Peace of mind is the main reason for using offsite data storage over other methods.  There are many other methods available including external hard drives and zip drives.  But these too can fall prey to similar pitfalls that your main computer would, such as physical damage and a limited lifespan and all it takes is one corrupted file and then a whole drive full of important documents and files could be lost.  With offsite data storage you avoid these problems.


Free Backup and Restore

Most people who work on computers as part of their job spend around 6 hours a day on a computer, making offsite data storage the hassle free way to keep your backup files constantly up to date.  If an incident happens at work, either a computer malfunction or fire or other accident, you and your colleagues will have all their important data saved in a virtually existent place.  So although it is somewhere, it's almost like it's nowhere.  It can't be affected by the same problems as other things.


They are heavily encrypted, so that even if hackers and viruses were able to interfere with your main computer or network, it would be much harder for access to be gained to the remote server you were using as your offsite data storage system.  They are made so that they are easy enough to use, no matter the users ability and the best part is that it is a free backup service in the majority of the cases.


Secure Data Manager

Whether it's all your personal files, photos and memories, or important documents connected to your business, it is simple to back up and access at any time.  Another great part is that offsite data storage for multiple users is as easy to manage as for just one user.  Meaning a whole office can have the same remote server, with partitioned off sections with each users files and important data stored safely and securely.

It's likely that you came here wishing to know more about what offsite data storage and why it should be the only choice for backing up your business or homes precious data and information.