When I started using Blogger, I thought that it was going to be a difficult thing. But it turned out to be easy and simple. In fact in just three steps I submitteded my first post. Basically I entered my blog title which forms my website address. Then I entered the template I liked and Yahoo! I got my blog site. I was ready to put in my very first post.

5 Things I Did With My Blog

1. Blogged on Lessons Learnt

With my first blog site at http://oneplusonelifelessons.blogspot.com/, I wrote about the lessons I have learnt as I journey through life. My first post was on putting my one basic lesson I grasped from Mathematics, to be applied to motivate my life for the better of others. I find myself learning a lot but sometimes, lessons are lost because I did not put them down in words in a notebook or somewhere. Therefore having a blog is so helpful in this aspect.

2. Shared with Friends and Family

Given the blog being created into public Internet space, I would be able to conveniently share with my friends and family. I quickly copied the website address and sent them through email and shared these lessons. I hope to update my posting at least weekly. I observed that there was this feature (I think it is one of the latest feature added) that my gmail emails could also be posted to my blog. This helps so much more.

3. Added Interesting Gadgets

In the Design tab, I was able to add gadgets to my layout. I added "Total Pageviews" and changed it to "Thanks For Visiting!" I also added "Follow By Email" so that I hope my friends and family can receive my post each time I blog. I noticed that there were also other gadgets like Video Bar, Google News, Slideshow and many others. I would add these when necessary.

4. Played with Templates & Pictures

I also explored the various templates available. There were quite a number of them to choose from and different layouts too. The one with the bookshelf interest me the most. I wished my blog would be like this bookshelf, containing a collection of life lessons for myself as well as for others. I also tried to add a picture. Since I was not sure how to place pictures from the web, I decided to draw one using the application Paint on my desktop. I personally felt it matched to my first post superbly.

5. Tried Out Suggestions By Blogger.com

After the posting, there was a dialog box on the side that suggested to me to check out on certain features like editing my profile, adding gadgets or posting my gmails to my blog etc. I changed my profile name. I found these suggestions useful as they help users to improve their blogs progressively and encourage them to explore new features available from Blogger.

Though these are just 5 things I did to my blog, I know that I am still many other things I can do. Being new to this world of blogging, I am sure there are many more things to learn from blogs who are already online since the beginning. Therefore I have a lot to learn and a lot to explore and am ready to improve in my pursuit. Indeed, I love using Blogger.