Most people are familiar with radiators as a method for heating a home. While a boiler heating system is commonly where a radiator will be used, this is not always the case. Many portable radiators are also available on the market and these are suitable for home use.

Portable radiators can be a sensible option to have in your home as an alternative to a boiler system. There can be times during the year when some heat is needed although it may not be cold enough to justify firing up the boiler. A portable radiator is ideal at these times and can be taken wherever required in the home. This can be more sensible than heating up your entire property.

In many cases having a noisy fan type heater can be a distraction. This can be annoying especially while trying to concentrate in an office or trying to sleep in a bedroom. A portable radiator is perfect for these locations as, with no fan, it operates extremely quietly and causes no distraction.

When considering portable radiators you will find there are two common types. They basically use the same method to radiate heat into a room. However in one the heating medium is a solid whereas in the other it is a liquid. With portable radiators you generally have the option of wall mounting them or leaving them free standing. If you intend to move the heater around it is preferable to leave it free standing.

Options for buying a portable radiator include a number of manufacturers. Some of the best brands to look out for include Honeywell and Delonghi. Others include Pelonis and Soleus Air. There is a fairly wide choice of models available and a little research should identify the best of these to satisfy your needs. Whichever you choose there will be times when using it is a sensible option compared to switching on the boiler and using your wall or floor heating vents to warm the whole home.

An oil filled radiator heater can be a good type of small space heater to choose. These can be particularly energy efficient as the oil used in them is heat conserving. This means once it reaches the desired temperature it should retain this for a while and the electricity can switch off. Only when the oil starts to lose the heat does the electricity need to come back on. This should mean that that you use less electricity to keep a room warm.

A portable solid radiator typically heats up a panel of material which then radiates this heat into a room. Mica tends to be the material most often used and there are a few mica radiators on the market. These are considered to be safe heaters and most can even be used in the bathroom.

Most radiator heaters are available for less than $100 and for the convenience that they provide this can be a good investment. Shopping around a little should find you some good deals and there are a range of places to look. Home improvement retailers, electrical stores, discount retailers, all of these will have a selection from which to choose. The internet is also a good place to look and there are a few web stores which have portable radiators for sale. A quick search should be enough to identify these.