Oil filled radiators are a fantastic way to heat up your home or work space and the best part is they are extremely cheap to buy and run. And because of this more and more different makes and models are out there in the marketplace today. They come in a variety of different sizes and are usually sold as a wall mounted unit, stationery unit or on wheels so what you can quickly and easily move the radiator around the home to the room that requires heating. Let's take a quick look at just four different models that are out there to buy in the shops today.

Oil Filled RadiatorsThe first radiator that we are going to look at is the De'Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator. The biggest selling feature of this fantastic radiator is the ECC (electronic climate control) technology. This technology will automatically monitor and select the ideal power setting for your chosen temperature. This not only allows you to keep the room at your required temperature but it also allows you to run the unit as energy efficiently as you can. Which not only helps to save the planet by using less energy, but it dramatically reduces the running costs saving you lots of cash in the process.

This stylish oil filled radiator convects air through it's wonderful chimney design, allowing the fast flow of hot air which rapidly warms up the room or space that requires heating. It also has an high radiant heat output dues to its large surface area design. The radiators convective chimneys with multiple narrow chimneys allow for increase in convective air flow. The Dragon 3 radiator allows the air to heat up faster than any older and traditional oil-filled radiator that you see in the marketplace today. It provides a total heat output of 2 kW and as switchable heat levels, an overheat safety cut out and a frost guard setting.

The radiator has been designed with safety in mind, with its smooth and safe profile that as rounded edges. It also comes with fitted castors so that you can easily move the unit around. It has a 24 hr digital timer and clock, which you can program for two different time periods and comes complete with a ten yr guarantee. When you buy this fantastic oil filled radiator you will receive the radiator and full product instructions to help you get the most out of the product straight away.

The second radiator that we are going to have a look at is the De'Longhi Bambino TRN0505M Oil Filled Radiator. This radiator is ideal for compact heating solutions for smaller rooms and spaces and offers a durable and powerful 500 watt heat output. It as an adjustable room thermostat so that you can quickly and easily maintain a desired temperature within the room. Again it has smooth rounded edges for safety as well as an overheat safety cut out switch to protect the user and unit from damage.

Because of its compact size, it is a radiator which is extremely cheap to run and it also as carry handles so that it can easily be transported from room to room. The heater is very quiet when in operation, and because of its small size it is not capable of heating up large spaces. This oil-filled radiator is ideal for sitting under those office desks and because of this will make a fantastic gift for your family and friends.

The third radiator is the Dimplex OFC2000 2kW Oil Filled Column Radiator. This radiator has an impressive 2kw heat output with features such as frost protection and thermostat control. It offers the user a wide choice of different heat setting and sits on easy glide castors for ease of use and transport. There is also an integral cable tidy, so that excess cable can quickly and easily be stored away if not being used. The weight of this unit is 13 kg and as an heating element which is completely sealed making it extremely safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

The fourth and final oil-filled radiator what we are going to look at is the Heatzone HTZ53515 2.5kW Oil Filled Radiator. This unit weighs 16 kg and offers an heating output up to a very impressive 2500 watts. It gives you variable different heat settings and an adjustable thermostat so that you can operate the unit at different temperatures that you choose. It has got a overheat safety cut out switch with integral handles for easy movement. To ease mobility even further it sits on sturdy and robust casters. There is also a cord storage device on the unit so that you can keep all that excess cable safely stored away when not in use.