Since winter is coming, many people are now preparing to heat their houses and offices. Though there are many room heating options available but few there are only few that are really safe and efficient.

You have a choice of fan heaters (very noisy and expensive to run), radiant heaters (a fire risk, expensive to run and you need to be very close to them), halogen heaters (only work when you sit in front of them because it is radiant heat), convector heaters (fire risk and expensive to run) or oil-filled radiators.

Oil Filled Radiators - Advantages

They are silent and safe to use and even touch. The term radiator is used because they look like an old-fashioned cast iron radiator but heat transfer is mostly by convection, so the whole room is heated up. These heaters also have a built in thermostat to maintain the room at your chosen temperature

How oil-filled Radiators Work

Just by looking at the design of an oil filled radiator, you can already tell how it works and how it is able to provide a heating capacity enough for a room. An oil-filled radiator is made up of metal columns with spaces in between.

The radiator has a heating element which is commonly located at the base of the heater which is responsible for heating up the oil. The heated oil then flows through the cavities or the spaces in between the metal sheets through the process of convection. Oil is used because it needs less electricity to warm it up than water, making them more efficient than you would expect them to be.

Oil filled radiators only require a power outlet and one is enough even for a large room. They have a thermostat which allows you to set the desired room temperature and even the lowest setting will make the room feel comfortable if you are wearing a jumper.

Place Your Heater Carefully

When you use an oil-filled radiator put it where the heat will be evenly distributed through the entire room. Placing it in a corner or near the wall can’t effectively warm up the room. It can heat up your wall but it won’t distribute the heat evenly. The center of the room is the best area for you to place your oil-filled radiator. The centre of the room is the best place for your heater because there are more air currents around it to dissipate its heat through the entire room or space. It won’t look very pretty in the middle of the room, but that is where it needs to be for maximum warmth.

Do not expect your oil filled radiator-unit to give off heat as soon as you turn it on. Give some time for it to heat the oil and disperse the heat throughout the room and remember to switch it off 30 minutes before you plan to leave the room because it continues to emit heat even after turning it off.

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Oil filled radiators are your best choice when you want to heat up one room such as a bedroom or your office. Its running costs are lower than other room heaters, which makes it an attractive option even though it is expensive as compared to other electric heaters as well as being cumbersome and heavy.

This type of electric heater is the cheapest way of heating one room using electricity, except night-storage heating.