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Oil Independence For The US Navy

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Fire on an Oil rig
Credit: www.gcaptain.com

Green Energy

The US Navy has seemed to have done something completely astonishing... Oil independence.

How have they done this?

Apparently they have worked on new technologies that allow for the capability of fueling off of seawater. They have figured out how to turn seawater into fuel and it would cost around the same price as using gas for fuel. It is amazing the level of sophistication and really, how cheap it is already. Hopefully as they perfect this method and make it more sustainable it will become cheaper.

Peak Oil

Pockets of oil are harder and harder to come by. The days of depleting non-renewable resources are about to come to an end. OPEC continues to come out with new statements announcing vast quantities of oil ready and waiting for refinement! This of course without any evidence of such quantities combined with independent studies showing the lack of oil available. Basic Economics would state the increase in gas prices is due to a lack of quantity. As a society we have become intimately aware of such price increases and some researches insist that peak oil has already come and gone. In any case, developing new technologies to serve our vast transportation fuel needs is a must. Luckily the Navy has come to our rescue in an untraditional way.

Green Technology

All fuel is made of hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbons). When we look at the ocean, all of that seawater is full of these two atoms. The Navy has figured out how to repurpose these atoms as fuel. The fuel then, in turn, will be used for all purposes needed and could even become a commercially viable resource in the future. This is also great for disrupting the potential harm Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, have on the environment

The Navy has come up with a brilliant plan, inadvertently, on how to deal with a few separate major issues; oil independence and global warming. Through the carbon cycle the ocean accumulates massive quantities of carbon dioxide. The ocean has accumulated so much, in fact, that it is becoming more acidic every year. The process the Navy has created actually strips CO2 out of the ocean. This cleansing would not only help the environment through the disposal and up-cycling of a greenhouse gas, but it would also be a proponent of renewable resources. 

Energy Independence

This could be the start of cutting that oil pipeline that runs through your living room. Around 95% of the oil used in the US is for transportation. Even though we have come up with ways of using natural gas and coal, they do not have the capabilities of fueling transportation. Hopefully with this jolt to the system, our unwavering Navy friends have given us, we can take the reins and finally become energy independent.

Future Tech

As we look to the future we need to understand how humans effect the environment we live in. If this planet dies, we die. Consuming all the non-renewable resources is not a proactive approach to living, living a sustainable life is. Our children will have to deal with the problems we are creating today. Let's not give them a pile of garbage to swim in, but instead set them up for success.

Navy researchers demonstrate proof-of-concept

Creating Fuel from Seawater



Apr 21, 2014 5:21pm
Sounds pretty amazing!
Apr 21, 2014 5:29pm
That's what I'm saying. Imagine the possibilities if it was made commercially viable. The ultimate eco-friendly fuel.
May 27, 2014 12:14pm
Great article. Thanks for sharing.
May 29, 2014 8:10pm
Thanks for the comment and the read.
Jul 7, 2014 4:38am
Innovative. Thanks for sharing.
Sep 16, 2016 4:06pm
Actually, there is a technology, and it's been around for quite a while, that uses electricity and certain metals to fracture the H2O, "water" molecule separating the hydrogen from the oxygen. It creates hydrogen fuel with a readily available oxidizer. The best part is that the exhaust emmitted comes in the form of pure, clean oxygen. The technology has been withheld from public use for the reason, or should I say "excuse" of it being detrimental to the world economy. The real reason is that the "Big Oil and Gas" companies won't give up the rediculously huge profits of fossil fuels. So, don't look for the technology to be given to the public anytime soon. Besides, water is NOT an infinite or regenerative resource. Once it's used up it's gone forever and so goes life on earth.
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