Turn your hands into a fist and rub the knuckles of both your hands against each other. You will experience immense pain, but if you apply some sort of lubrication you will notice that there is no friction taking place. Similarly, if there is no oil in the engines then they will get worn out and be damaged because the oil acts as a lubricant for the engine. If one wants to know whether the oil levels in the engine are low or high, he simply has to install an oil pressure gauge in his car.

When you install a pressure gauge, you have to note down the standard reading. It can be found after driving around your car for some time, the reading which remains constant should be considered as your standard reading. If the reading goes high or low then it means your car engine needs your attention. If the reading goes high there are chances that the oil being used is different from the one which has been recommended by the manufacturer. If the oil reading is low then it means that you have to add oil else your engine may be damaged. Sometimes, the engine oil is not replaced during the normal servicing routine and this may reflect in the reading which you get on the pressure gauge. In the market, you can find two types of oil pressure gauges; the mechanical one and the electric one. There is no specific recommendation as to which type of pressure gauge one should use, so you can select the one which best fits your car.

The commonly used mechanical gauge costs around $40 in the market and you can find it in all automotive stores. The easy to fit electric pressure gauge is available in the market at around $60. While selecting a pressure gauge try to buy the one which has a florescent pointer, so that you can easily read the readings in daylight as well as during the night time. Finally, select a good quality oil pressure gauge and do not go for cheap ones because it is a vital instrument indicating the health of your engine.

So, if you do not have a pressure gauge for your car then it is time you install one because it will ensure that your car engine remains healthy. Spending some money now will help prevent bigger costs down the line.