Oil Rig JobsIf you mention an oil rig job to a friend or relative they'll have a perception of what the job is going to be like for many they think it is an outstanding occupation and for others their own worst nightmare. A job on an oil rig will take a large amount of commitment as well as mental toughness but it's also quite rewarding. There are several opportunities to be taken on an oil rig for the right man or women and once you've been accepted onto the rig then you can definitely advance through the promotions until you are pleased.

There are various pluses and minuses to having an oil rig job and you will need to consider if it is the actual career for you. You have to be physically fit to work on an oil rig and then you need to undergo a full medical exam before they allow you on board. The work is extremely strenuous and will become stressful not only onboard but in your own home as well. You'll be away for very long periods of time and for a number of families this just doesn't work out.

You're expected to work 12 hour shifts for 14 solid days because oil rigs never sleep someone is constantly working plus the tasks are tough you'll be spent at the end of each and every shift. The noise Oil Rig Careerson the actual oil rig can become an issue if you cannot sleep easily you will discover the working noises may have an effect on you. Oil rigs are often in parts of the ocean where the weather is relentless which means you will be doing work in some of the world's worst weather conditions. You simply must have strong sea legs and an even stronger stomach in order to help you cope with the wind and the rain battering you.

There are however many very good factors to being employed on an oil rig as well, it's a extremely secure job and when you work hard you'll have the career for life. Promotion is easily attained and you'll be learning additional skills every day on the oil rig. The job will be financially steady and the pay is extremely good which keeps you and your family financially safe. Although you will be expected to work incredibly long hours when you receive holidays they're long vacations. You may be entitled to more than 4 months off a year which is a large amount.

The actual facilities aboard the actual oil rig are very good. The companies really want a person to be as relaxed as possible to get the most work from you. Frequently you'll find cinemas, gyms and saunas to allow you to rest when you are no longer working. In addition free meals and telephone calls home will often be incorporated to inspire you to be happy and work harder. Oil rig work can turn into amazing careers for the right individual and deciding whether it is a profession for you is completely your choice. You will have to read the many benefits and drawbacks and make a clear decision as it is an ideal profession for the right individual yet horrible for the wrong person.