oil of olay touch of sun body lotion


absorbs well

goes on smooth like a moisturizer

does double time - moisturizes as well as a light tan

tan look natural


not for a deep tan

make sure you get the right one rated for your skin type

takes about 3 days to see the effects

Full Review

If you are getting tired of looking pale and pasty, and want to give your skin a bit of a lift, but don't want too much color, then you should try Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion.

This product, is a great moisturizer first, then with the extra hint of a tan. So, if you have dry skin at all, this type of Sunless tanning is a great way to go, because it is a moisturizer first. It absorbs quickly into the skin without any greasy or slimy feeling, and you don't even know you are wearing it. There is no residue like some sunless tanning products have.

You will notice that you skin feels really good after using it. If you are wanting to get a nice tan from this product, make sure you get the one rated for your skin type. I got the one for "fair to medium" skin, but there is also one for a darker skin.

This lotion also has the added benefit of being a SPF 15, so you can look nicely tanned but not actually get any sun damage while you are outside!

You can use this product every day as your body moisturizer, the tan is not dark, and it takes a few days to really notice it, but it looks more natural to me, than other products. I really began to notice it on the 3rd day, but it is on a "touch" as they say. But you just get a nice healthy glow.

I really like this product, as it makes your skin look radiant. Make sure you really rub it into your skin as you would any moisturizer all over the areas you want to have a sun kissed look to. Don't just use it on your elbows or knees for example, make sure and use it on the areas you want to have a soft glow. It goes on easy, and your skin will feel great for it.

It has a really nice scent, unlike some other tanning products. But not overpowering, just while you are putting it on.

Where to get it?

This product can be found in department stores, drug stores, and also you can get a good deal online from places like Ebay and Amazon.

I was excited to try this product, because I already enjoy this product line. So, as the summer faded into the past, and being fair skinned, any tan I did get, was now gone, and I end up looking pale, so I wanted something that was a great moisturizer, with the added bonus of a slight tan.

If you are looking for a deep dark tan, then this is not the product for you. But if you need a good moisturizer as well as a touch of color, then this is definitely worth a try. I love after a few days of gradually getting that "sun kissed" look. I just didn't show up the next day with a instant tan.

As long as you keep using this product daily, then you will always have that nice warm glow to your skin. It won't keep getting darker or anything with use, it will get to its maximum at around the 3rd day.

In Closing

I love this product, it is a great compliment to their lineup of products.

Olay Body Touch of Sun Daily Body Lotion, Light/Medium, 6.7-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)
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I love this product.