Oily Skin Care Regimen

Oily skin is a mess to deal with. No matter how many times you wash off your face, skin becomes shiny within some time. The worst is when you develop acne on that greasy surface. Acne is a skin ailment arises because of various factor and the overactive oil glands is the major reason behind their development. Oilier skin aid in faster acne development. Hence you need to take care of your oily face so that it won’t become the favorite place of pimple to appear on.

Oily skin care regimen includes three steps which are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You need to get the best cleanser that will remove all extra oil and dirt without affecting the oil balance of the skin and also the pH value of it. Astringent is the best toner for oily skin and yes, do not forget to keep the skin moisturized. Use a moisturizer which is water-based. You need to do all this just to keep oil off your face so that it doesn’t get mixed with dirt, dust and dead cells to clog the pore causing acne. If they develop in any case, you can treat them with generic retin A acne cream formulation suitable for all skin types.  

Acne develops on any skin type but the oily skin is at higher risk of developing them. It is because it has more oil spread on the surface of the skin which can easily attract the dust and dirt. This oil gets mixed with dead cells and blocks the skin pre. Eventually it results in acne which certainly doesn’t look good and also affects your confident. That is why you must take proper care of your oily skin as it is prone to get acne faster than other skin type. Make up must be water-based as oily make up will definitely make the present situation worse than before. Remove it completely before you hit the bed.

Acne on the face destroys the overall appearance of the person. If left untreated or ignored, they transform into scars that remain lifelong. It becomes difficult to treat these scars and therefore acne must be treated with the help of oral drugs and topical creams and lotions. Using generic retin A cream for acne helps in reducing them with fairer extent. Getting medical help speed up the procedure. Thus get your health care provider’s advice with anything you wish to try as acne treatment. Keep special watch on the food that you are having. Nutritious food will definitely let you have healthy skin.

Apart from taking care of oily skin, using right makeup and having healthy diet, one must meet a doctor to discuss the solution available for the eradication of acne. You can use some oral medications which are derivatives of vitamin A. There are topical creams available with the same chemical that controls acne development. Use acne cream generic retin-A which acts on the issue and destroy its root cause to give your acne-free and glowing skin.