Oktoberfest is only a couple weeks away and I cannot wait to get my drink and eat on....like seriously. I plan on eating and drinking at least 10 pounds in a couple days so you better watch out if you're in Vancouver. I've had the pleasure of making it to Munich for a couple years to enjoy Oktoberfest in the flesh and both times were equally as fun. If you can't make it to Germany, most cities will be throwing a weekend of Oktoberfest with all the beer and meat you could dream of.

Last year here in Vancouver I noticed a lot of people had some really great German clothing to complete the Oktoberfest spirit. This year is the year that I will be one of those drunken lovable German's fitted out in the proper attire. Here in North America you're going to have a hard time finding authentic old style German clothing, so after some long hours scouring the web an calling local shops I gave up on that idea. Instead I found some really cool Oktoberfest costumes that would do the job nicely.

Athentic clothing would cost a lot more as well so the Oktoberfest costumes seem like a smart idea price wise, and will serve you fine in the long run. Sadly the costumes don't come with a beer stein, and frankly the costume costs much less than a good beer stein so you'll need to find your own. I've tracked down a few places to get one and I'll list them off after the costumes.

oktoberfest guy costume

This is the best guy's Oktoberfest costume I could find and it comes with ultra-suede lederhosen with lacing detail and vinyl suspenders, pullover shirt with lace-up collar and jacquard trim, matching hat with feather plus knee socks. This men's Oktoberfest costume is only $97.99 USD.

Oktoberfest womens costume

This is one for the ladies and it should get you the attention of every male in the room. Regardless of how sexy this costume is, it is still pretty on par with a normal outfit you'd see. This costume comes with aJacquard ribbon trimmed full dress with attached apron and lace petticoat. This sexy costume only costs $77.99 USD.

oktoberfest girl 3

Here's another girls sexy Oktoberfest costume I managed to find and is German, but different from the costume above. This costume comes with the dress and apron, but not the shoes or pantyhose. This costume is also the cheapest coming in at just $45 USD.

I hope you have a fun Oktoberfest and remember to not drink and drive, and don't drink and eat too much or you'll be celebrating around the toilet. To find that elusive beer stein I recommend going on Ebay because they have the best selection of rare, unique and fun beer steins that I've seen anywhere on the net.