Olaf the Snowman Halloween Costumes for Kids Will Still Be Popular for Halloween 2015

Will the Frozen craze ever end for Disney? Apparently not, since the billion dollar grossing movie still continues to enchant both children and adults. According to The Wall Street Journal, the preorders for the DVD and Blu-ray discs shattered previous records, once held by Despicable Me. The first day sales and preorders sold over 3.2 million units.

Why are people obsessed with the film?

There are as many answers as there are people, but one of the top ones will unanimously be Olaf the Snowman. Voiced by Josh Gad, this breakout character stole the movie. A figment of Princess Elsa’s imagination, she conjured him up one day while playing with her sister, Princess Anna.

Years later, he reappears and provides much needed comic relief during some of the movie’s most intense scenes. He is just flat out hysterical throughout the film, and since laughter is the best medicine for most situations, his comments and facial expressions, along with his ability to come apart and back together make him one of the best animated film sidekicks to come along since Timon and Pumba in Disney’s The Lion King.

And seriously, who cannot giggle at his dream, to know what summer is all about?

Olaf Costume That Won't Break the Bank


Disney Frozen Olaf Costume for ChildrenCredit: www.costumecraze.com

Parents who have been searching endlessly for an Olaf costume for kids may have grown tired at seeing the excessively high prices that the Disney Store version sells for on the secondary auction market.  All of that has changed with the release of this new Olaf costume for kids. This is a plush, one piece jumpsuit that comes with a separate headpiece.  This will keep kids warm while trick or treating at night!

Realistically priced, it looks just like the snowman we all love. This is available in small, medium and large, so your child is guaranteed a costume for Halloween.

Olaf Trick or Treat Tote Bag

Disney Frozen Movie Character Tote Bags (Olaf)
Amazon Price: $9.99 $0.50 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 7, 2015)
This is the perfect tote bag to take along on Halloween night! It will hold lots of candy!

Disney Store Olaf Costume for Kids

Olaf the Snowman Costume for KidsCredit: www.amazon.com

 This is an authentic Disney Store costume. It comes in sizes 18-24 months to 5/6 years, making it the perfect Halloween costume for the preschool crowd.

Young children typically do not like having masks over their faces or over their heads. This costume has a complete facial opening, so they do not have to worry about being covered up. Olaf’s face is the padded hood, which sits atop the head. His eyes and eyebrows are his characteristic wide-eyed expression, and his large carrot nose protrudes from the top in 3 dimensional style.

Another great thing about this costume is that it is all one piece (except for the padded shoe covers), so there are no concerns about losing small ones. It has a zipper on the back so it is easy to get on and off. Young children get frustrated easily when clothing is difficult to put on or off. This Olaf costume is padded in the tummy, the sleeves have the gloves attached to it and your child will absolutely love it as s/he goes door to door gathering treats!

A Fun Mask to Wear!

Disney Frozen Olaf Party Face Mask
Amazon Price: $5.84 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 7, 2015)
Priced to sell, this mask of everyone's favorite snowman is perfect not only for Halloween, but for the dress up box as well.

More Snowman Costume Ideas for Kids


Kids Frozen I am Olaf Costume HoodieCredit: www.amazon.com


If you are having a hard time finding an Olaf the Snowman costume for your child, here are some great substitutions.

This child costume is really a hoodie! Pair it with white sweatpants or leggings and you have a costume that can be worn long after Halloween is over.

This comes in sizes 4 through 10 and has an easy to use zipper front. 

Olaf Headpiece

Olaf Knit HatCredit: www.amazon.com

If the price of an entire Olaf costume is a bit rich for your wallet, there is a simple solution, this Olaf knit hat!  You can purchase a regular snowman costume for your child and for the headpiece, use this knit hat.  

It combines the best of both world's-having an authentic Olaf item and a reasonably priced snowman costume for kids.  The hat can be worn again during the winter time, so it is really an investment piece and not just a wear once kind of item.

An Olaf Costume for Adults to Wear!

Newcosplay Adult Anime Unisex Olaf Pyjamas Kigurumi Halloween Costume (S)
Amazon Price: $15.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 7, 2015)
This one piece outfit is perfect for adults!

Without a doubt, children will be wanting to dress up in an Olaf costume for Halloween 2015.