Good value
Good quality product


Some women may find the coverage to be too sheer.

Full Review

Olay Definity Color Recapture is a unique product. It calls itself an 'anti-aging moisturizer/sheer illuminating coverage'. That basically means that it performs two functions at once; a moisturizer and a foundation. The product has a unique packaging as well. The moisturizer and foundation are separated in the bottle, but it comes out of the pump at one time.

Probably the biggest benefit of the product IS the combination of moisturizer and foundation. This allows women to skip the step of moisturizing before putting on foundation and/or powder. That may not sound like much, but it sure does come in handy on those mornings when running late! The drawback to this is that the foundation's coverage is pretty sheer. Women who prefer more coverage from their foundation may want to add a regular foundation over it or skip this product altogether. However this is perfect for the summer months since it is lightweight and provides SPF 15 protection.

The SPF 15 protection is another benefit of this product. The sun is one of the biggest enemies of youthful looking skin, so it is critical that the face is protected at all times. Protecting the face from the sun also keeps the skin from discoloring or forming brown spots.

The texture of Olay Definity Color Recapture is more like a moisturizer than a foundation, so care needs to be taken when applying to the face. Women tend to be more generous in applying moisturizer, but since this has color in it be careful and don't overdo it. The color still needs to be blended into the face with a foundation brush, cosmetic sponge, or fingers for best results.

The 'Color Recapture' part of the title means that it evens out skin tone and creates a glow, which helps the face to look natural. The product does a good job of this, again especially during the summer when the heat and humidity can ruin a fuller coverage foundation. Olay also claims that this product will correct discoloration and brown spots over time, which is more than likely because of the SPF 15 protection. Since every woman's skin is different, take this statement with a grain of salt until results are shown.

In Closing

Considering this is actually three products in one (moisturizer, foundation, and sun protection), it is an excellent value and a quality product. Always remember to research prices online and in stores to find the best price.