olay skin care

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 anti-aging, with a touch of foundation. This is a mouthful, but is a great Olay Skin Care Product.

Olay skin care products have been around a long time, and when you first check out the shelf, you wonder which one you should get, there are so many different formulas now for many different skin types and ages. But as a person with sensitive skin, who can't wear much in the way of makeup and foundations, I was very impressed with this Olay skin care product.

I found it very successful, at smoothing out skin tones, and going on very light. It is not greasy, and with the touch of color (tinted moisturizer) it just seems to blend your skin tones, so that you don't look to blotchy and is great if you tend to have red areas or uneven color, as is common with freckles. It is not a heavy color, just a light tint.

You can get it for light or dark skin, and it also has a SPF15 sunscreen in this great Olay skin care product. I know it works, because I had it on when out in the sun and I caught some sun on my neck and chest and not my face as I was wearing this Olay skin care product on my face.

It helps with tiny wrinkles, and I have no need to wear a foundation with my makeup. I use this as my morning moisturizer ritual and I am ready to go.

I am really impressed with this Olay skin care product. You don't need much, and for someone like me with sensitive freckled skin, it goes on smooth, feels really good and looks good as I am on the other side of 50! I am now researching some of the other Olay skin care products. I will also mention that it does not clog pours or cake anywhere. You just apply it like you would any moisturizer.

I will admit it is a bit daunting when checking out the shelves, as they have many lines of Olay skin care products. But if you take the time, you will find one that is perfect for you. If you just want to try a day time moisturizer, and a bit of color, then you definitely should try this Olay Total Effects with a touch of foundation. Your skin looks very natural, it actually doesn't look like you have any foundation on, but the skin has even tones and you just look fresh and a bit younger!


Great smooth coverage

skin feels soft without feeling greasy

doesn't look like you are wearing foundation

evens out skin tones

helps with tiny wrinkles

does not clog pores

protects against sun damage


A little pricey, but it lasts a long time

A bit too much packaging, when you get it off the shelf. I think they could get away with less, but once you get it out of the package, it is a cute style of container, and easy to use.

Olay Skin Care

I will continue to purchase this product, as I am very impressed with Olay skin care products now, and especially this Olay Total Effects with a touch of foundation.